The Best Fitness Apps For 2017


You may have noticed that MrMobile doesn’t cover a lot of fitness tech. That’s because that stuff reminds me of gym class, little league and all the other enforced sporting events I couldn’t wait to grow out of. But look: fitness is important, especially when the most exercise you get during your workday happens between your wrists and fingertips. So to kick off 2017, I invited some of my favorite health-minded Internet people to help me round up the best fitness apps out there. Let’s tune in to their top tips, and be sure to stick around to the end for MrMobile’s own (typically weirdo) choice! It’s the Best Fitness Apps to kickstart 2017 right here on MrMobile.



Jon Rettinger [TechnoBuffalo]

Serenity Caldwell [iMore]

Marques Brownlee [MKBHD]

Krystal Key

Joshua Vergara

Safwan Ahmedmia [SuperSaf]

Jaime Rivera [Pocketnow]


Sworkit Personalized Workouts by Nexercise Apps, Inc

Play Store:

FitStar Yoga by FitStar Inc


MyFitnessPal by MyFitnessPal, Inc

Google Play:

Lifesum – The Health Movement by Lifesum

Google Play:

Stop Breathe & Think by Tools for Peace

Google Play:

S Health by Samsung Electronics Co, Ltd.

Google Play:

Polar Flow by Polar Electro

Google Play:

Ingress by Niantic Labs

Play Store:


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29 thoughts on “The Best Fitness Apps For 2017”

  1. You have just recommended the worst fitness apps for 2017. Next time try to ask people that actually doing fitness in there day to day bases, and not just a bunch of computer geeks that never been to the gym.

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  3. Hi Michael, would you be interested in taking a look at my app for Android and iOS called Gymster? You enter equipment available at your gym and the app gives you a workout back based on the equipment selected.

  4. Wow i was looking for a video on fitness apps and I had no idea u already made a video on it. Thanks alot mr mobile. Truly the best tech tuber on the planet

  5. All I really want is an app that doesn't have a subscription. I'm still willing for a one time payment. But not a subscription. Gym memberships are actually cheaper than what some of these apps are asking for monthly.

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