6pack finals


6pack league finals match between The Blitzkrieg VS Thanatos. Thanatos turned out to be a very tough competitor. We have it all we got but couldn’t come out with the victory. Thanatos won the match 3-0 and this is how it all went down from my perspective….

6 Pack League Rules:

1. Level 6 bots and weapons at 6 or below Mk 1 only.

2. No bot or weapon restrictions other than rule 1

3. Minimum 3 players per team (more if both teams agree) Game mode Domination

4. League will be monthly

5. Any player using gear above level 6 will disqualify thier team and loose the game.

6. Both teams will be responsible, by way of team designate, to post win/loss/screen shot for official recording of stats and for cross checking

7. Both teams will self police the other for weapon and bot violations

8. All complaints will be submitted to the 6 pack admin

There will be monthly prizes!


If u wanna join one of the 6pack teams, please check out the link below to the 6pack league discord:


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