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  1. Ive developed hit/butt and lower back pain. I think its because I was sitting at the computer for 6 hours a day usually in that programmers slouch. I've tried switching to sitting up right with a pillow behind my back but its so darn uncomfortable and causing my upper back to get sore. I think this is because my upper back isnt use to the muscle action. I'm looking to find a chair like the one in your video. do you know what its called ? also is the modified supported programmers slouch with a good chair just as safe as proper sitting ? thx steve

  2. haha this is EXACTLY what I do. Honestly I think that the problem begins in school when kids are forced to sit in those tiny desks all day. Maybe you could address a video for younger people still in high school, and how to sit in a little person chair when you're almost full grown…

  3. thanks a lot for the video! I had some questions about the posture – and even if it is accommodated, would the posture strain the hamstrings (possibly regarding blood circulations?)

  4. What chairs would you recommend that high the neck support and go back? Dont have stores near me and have to order online you see šŸ™‚

  5. Hi Steve – thanks for your video- Iā€™m 6ā€™3 and 190 pounds- looking for a high backed chair (for someone my height) with proper lumbar support that also offers forward tilting for computer work, gaming and flight simming (flight simming requires me to have my feet up higher on simulator rudder pedals and needs the seat to slide back so the seat area is smaller to get my legs over and around the flight sim joystick between my legs..(.. anything come to mind? The office master pt79? Thank you

  6. I have been using the programming slouch forever and it never really gave me any issues with my back. However, I have recently found out that having the neck at an angle to the spine for extended periods of time can cause rather bad issues, like insomnia and migraines. It took me a while to figure out what was causing it since my neck did not hurt outright but once I did and moved into an upright position it seems to have cleared out.

    Do not do programmer's slouch.

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