Cardio & Dieting VS Fitness Blender & Clean Eating + How Many Calories Does Kelli Eat?


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29 thoughts on “Cardio & Dieting VS Fitness Blender & Clean Eating + How Many Calories Does Kelli Eat?”

  1. I used to be so obsessive just like you and you have helped me change my mind set so much, I do mostly strength training and hiit now, went from working out 2 hours a day to now working out 45 mins to a hour a day and I only ate 1,000 calories a day and now I eat ALOT (clean food ofcourse) thank you so much again!!

  2. Absolutely agree. After all viewed videos from trainers , choaches, people sharing unhealty diet tips and experiences on youtube I found something what i wanted to found at the beggining . I knew that there must be something or someone who will tell me the real truth and approve that with everything .

    Sports trainers with big muscles and ppl from youtube love to say "listen to your body " but still talking about myths or trying to sell us something and etc. There was moments when i was like " okay this guy or woman maybe knows something? I said maybe because he /she looked fit and healty " but then on the other side they are sharing recepies videos with a tones of supplements and i stoped to follow them .
    Thath's why they have that big muscles and i belive that people with big muscles after five years would look soo soo bad and not really good….

    Then i found this page and that was HALELUJAH! Look at body of Kelli and Daniel Segars they have fit bodyes and look at their muscles its all natural and they love healty food they eat outside sometimes but come back to natural food and thats what i like that's what they say – natural food everything what they said you can see on them and thats absolutely fantastic. I really found ppl whom i will trust because they approve it ! From the bottom of my heart Thank You for existing !

  3. But the amount of calorie it is depends on the height and current weight If I am short I can't eat 3000 calorie I should eat 1, 500 or 1,300 Because my tall and my body cant burn a huge number of calories , But you are right about cardio I get heavier when I starded do 60 minute of cardio every day and I always be fatigue and my muscles are very sore and I have pain all the time and very hunger and eating too much suger and carbs and sure that is make me gain weight instead losing it so I don't know what can I doing I try to do pilates only But I don't know if that work or not

  4. Thank you so much for this. My intuition has been telling me that to get to my next level of fitness, I need to be more serious about fueling my body (more calories and clean eating) and doing more strength training. I am basically the same age as you are and from your story video, feel our stories are so similar…. makes me feel inspired and like I can do it. Thank you again!!!

  5. Thank you for everything… you really helped me. I wanted to lose wait for a long time but I did it wrong. Now, because of you, I lost weight. And I realized the important thing is to eat healthy and right not to eat nearly nothing. so again thank you. Love your videos they are amazing and very helpful❤️❤️

  6. hey kellie, can u please tell me in what order shall i follow the exercises? Also what are the suitable weights to be used for strength training?

  7. Kelli,
    I know this is an old video but I am so glad I found it! It describes exactly what I have been going through- obsessive thinking, too much cardio, not enough calories and always tired, and not losing any weight and feeling completely defeated. This is exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you for your honest and helpful advice!

  8. I’d wish these videos were translated to spanish so I could explain to my mom that I don’t starve myself to lose weight. And all the people doing water fast are just killing their muscles.

  9. Well it's been a long and painful journey i just do and not worry about the consequences of my being able too do the work out like it's recommended as i have an unconventional way to way of showing my body what to do and it's slowly getting there i just gotta believe in my focus on doing it the way i see in my own translation cos ****(you work for what you get and you get what you pay for****)
    that attitude works for me

  10. It's hard for my family to eat healthy since we don't get enough money to be able to buy those unprocessed whole foods

  11. I've been working out for almost a year now and every few months I freak out about not losing weight quickly. I try to work out five out of seven days a week. They're always 30 minutes- to 60 minutes in length. I've set my calorie intake at 1300-1500 a day, hoping that that will make a difference. To be honest, I am seeing a minor change in my weight, but a bigger change in the shape of my body. I mainly do strength training, peppered with some pilates and yoga. Every 5 work outs, I will do a cardio routine– I hate it so I do it less.

    Listening to you say that you were able to eat 3000 calories really shocks me! I wonder if I am not eating enough for how much I am working out. I have no idea what will work for me. I try to just believe in the calorie deficit, which you mentioned is not the one size fits all answer. I also know I don't get enough protein in my diet. Maybe I should allow more calories only if it's protein, which I most likely will only be able to get through whey powder.

  12. Wow. good stuff. I like what you said about what seems logical in our thinking "decreasing calories and increasing exercise will result in weight loss." Except our bodies will continue to throttle back the rate at which it burns calories (fat) if it thinks it's getting fewer calories to work with. The body has an amazing survival instinct and ability to adjust its systems. I do better with three larger meals spread throughout the day (let's call them breakfast, lunch, and dinner), than skipping meals, then snacking, then binging throughout the day. I enjoy your transparency, it's refreshing for a fitness channel.

  13. does it matter if having bread for lunch most days like soy lindseed bread or something im vegetarian i have nutmeat vegetarian stuff i try to op out to lower fat option for sandwich of vegetarian products when can same for dinner if having vegetarian prouduct try to watch fat can be hard

  14. Thank you for such an honest video. I had to get off the macro/calorie-counting train, it made me crazy and obsessive. Now, my eating plan is super simple. I don't even have to think about maintaining my weight! I eat 3 meals a day (plus a snack if I'm hungry), within 30 minutes-1 hour of getting hungry. I'm vegan (for ethical reasons, so it doesn't seem restrictive to me). And I feel best when I get plenty of fruit and veggies in during the day. I mostly cook at home and pack leftovers for lunch. It's been truly wonderful to not be afraid of food anymore <3 If you're struggling with that sort of thing, you can get through this! And I'm praying for ya 🙂

  15. I don't believe o, food is my worst enemy. let's just do what works for us and will make us look like you. I love you kelli

  16. Interesting. Eat more of the right food to nourish your body & in turn help you with your workouts. Easier said than done but I like the subtle transition over the 4 yrs, the extra 5LBs is muscle.

  17. I had a trainer that told me not to count calories, just focus on work outs and eating cleaner ( small changes in my diet as I was ready). Lost 50 lbs and felt great. Yes workouts were mostly focused on strength training. You are right!

  18. This video hit hard for me. Im currently transitioning from the eating too little and over training to fueling my body well and smart training with more strength. Thanks for posting this. I needed to hear it.

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