Sony “Fat” PS3 Unboxing


Hey guys! In this video, I will be unboxing a 60GB launch model PS3 (also known as a Fat PS3). Hope you guys enjoy!

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26 thoughts on “Sony “Fat” PS3 Unboxing”

  1. I have one coming in from Ebay. Paid $135 for it which was $100 for the system and $35 for the shipping. Still waiting on it to arrive but based on pictures it looks in great shape and can confirm the model # as the 60gb with full hardware unlike the 80gbs which use software emulation on PS2. Seller said he bought it on launch but was more into Xbox 360 so did not use it that much before it got boxed up and put in a closet so hopefuly wear and tear is low. I have a OG PS2 and slim PS2 as well as both the Slim and super slim PS3 so will still use those more to keep risk if YOLD low onthe OG. Also Returen to Castle Wolfenstein is a great game but how does PS2 games look on that PS3 compared to the PS2 with componant cables or were you using the composite cabels on your PS2?

  2. be careful, those versions of the ps3 can get ylod (yellow light of death) or rlod (red light of death) fairly easily

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