Top 10 Immigrant Countries

The ten countries with greatest number of foreign born residents.
10. Spain 6.5 million immigrants (13.8% of pop)
9. Australia 6.5 million immigrants (27.7%)
8. Canada 7.3 million immigrants (20.7%)
7. France 7.4 million immigrants (11.6%)
6. United Kingdom 7.8 million immigrants (12.4%)
5. United Arab Emirates 7.8 million immigrants (83.7%)
4. Saudi Arabia 9.1 million immigrants (31.4%)
3. Germany 9.8 million immigrants (11.9%)
2. Russia 11 million immigrants (7.7%)
1. USA 45.7 million immigrants (14.3%)

Data from the United Nations

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28 thoughts on “Top 10 Immigrant Countries”

  1. Adolf Hitler was right the sub humans cause so many problems Australians are paying for a multi cultural invasion from the 3rd world African gangs everywhere

  2. I am very happy in Germany , and I'm very thankfull to this beautiful and nice country.
    Happy that we don't have leaders as in Turkey. Very disgusting.

  3. Spain has one of the strongest economies in the world and one of the biggest economies in Europe. British people go home! We are tired of Britts invading our country and not learning our language! Deport Britts from Spain, they are not Europeans!

  4. Almost think we should let the Mexicans come! We got 12 Million!!!Mexico is gonna run out of people. Maybe we should go South and fix it up for them while they wait in the US?I FIXED IT!!

  5. Thier plan is to destroy Us from the inside out as they have done for thousands of years starting with thier first destruction of babylon then jerusalem and the land of canaan then Europe and America South Africa and on and on..
    I for one am patiently awaiting for the day till they will finally be dealt with as predicted in the Bible..
    Go God !!!

  6. Omg! such illiterate and bigoted people in the comment sections. Just bashing the top immigrant countries and blaming immigration for future downfall of developed nations.
    Dude! Controlled immigration is always good for the host country, and for the world in general. You guys need to take Globalization 101 lectures again. And before cursing in the comments section again acknowledge that all these immigrants are government approved (the video is about immigrants and not refugees, excluding middle-east), and I highly doubt that you know better for your country than those highly educated men in power who make such policies.

  7. Poor France

    (Asking why is a very stupid question , everyone knows very well why I say this. I just don't refer to any people , people who ask why are racist because they want to start a dispute in the comments)

  8. My comment isn't meant to be provocative or political or racial, but the US and Canada and Australia etc are all populated by fairly recent immigrants (not many people in those countries have families that have been in their present location for more than a handful of generations).

    The others, like the UK and Germany and the other European countries all have large expatriate populations currently living overseas, and even bigger numbers of people who can trace their ancestry to those countries (for example, there are many more Irish descended people in the US, Canada, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, etc than there is actual Irish people in Ireland today!! The British and Germans and other European nations etc all have millions descendants named Smith's/Taylors/McDonalds/Robertsons/Mullers/Schultzs/Goldschmidts/Pedersens/Garcias..

  9. My Top 10 Most Multicultural Countries by Immigrants
    1. USA
    2. Canada
    3. Australia
    4. Germany
    5. Netherlands
    6. UK
    7. Sweden
    8. France
    9. Switzerland
    10. Norway

  10. The UK is full of Lithuanians… Same for USA and guess why because we let Ukrainians and belarussians in and our economy is bust!

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