Why I Bought The Rogue Ohio Deadlift Bar | Review

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Why I bought the Rogue Ohio Deadlift Bar, along with a review. Will discuss Ohio Power Bar vs Ohio Deadlift Bar in another video.

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25 thoughts on “Why I Bought The Rogue Ohio Deadlift Bar | Review”

  1. Awesome, love to see that bar bend 😀 What are your near future plans in terms of your training and channel?

  2. debating on buying deadliest bar or power bar. really struggling on which one to get. Any thoughts?

  3. i only deadlift 410 and i can immediately feel the difference between the deadlift bar and the traditional stiff bar so im going to go ahead and strongly disagree with you on that one.

  4. I like how you try and say dont buy unless you lift over 500. Not talkin shit but youe lift (s) are not impressive. If you are someone who wants to compete then biy the bar especially if thats a approved bar.

  5. lol i have northern lights bumpers also……thanks for the insight on the deadlift bar because right now i'm trying to decide between the ohio or texas deadlift bars

  6. No disrespect but I would have to agree with the others…just because you're not doing 500lb lifts doesn't mean you shouldn't buy a deadlift bar. I use both the Ohio and Texas DL bars and both are great. Both bars start flexing (whip) around the 290lb mark. Right now I'm doing working sets of 400 plus pounds and the benefits of these bars are exponential. No mater what weight you're using the whole purpose of the whip is for people like me with slow bar speed. When I use a power bar for DL it feels like my shoulders are going to rip out of socket. My advice is if you are training for competition or are an avid powerlifter in general buy the bar

  7. You’re neglecting the more aggressive knurling and smaller diameter of the bar. I find that alone makes deadlifts easier at any weight just for the fact that it’s easier to hold on to.

  8. I like my texas dl bar and I dl 550 pds and notice differences for sure at 405 u can buy it even if ur only doing 315 still has whip on that weight

  9. Something else that's worth mentioning is that you should probably only buy one of these if you're competing in a federation that uses one. If you compete in the usapl or any other IPF affiliated federation you deadlift on a 20kg stiff bar and that's going to feel like absolute trash if you're used to training on one of these.

  10. I've been considering buying the DL bar for Olympic lifts as I have smaller hands and feel like it may be more comfortable. Is the DL bar suitable/durable enough for the oly lifts?

  11. Decent review! Since you're taking on insight, I'll cordially offer mine below, bud : )

    I very respectfully disagree that you have to be at 500lb pull to benefit from whip bars. While you'll obviously get more whip with more weight, someone around the 425lb and above might see am immediate 20lb gain in their pull by using a quality bar, which can help get them to the 500lb mark via "future method." That said, if someone is deadlifting say, 225lb, I agree that an intermediate bar and above probably won't serve them much purpose.

    I'm curious of the knurling. Does it bite a fair amount? I am so tired of crappy commercial bars not having any bite, and being stiffer than a kid going through puberty.

    – George / Pennsylvania

  12. My gym has the old shit dirty bars but they get that same bend and whip. It feels wayp better deadlifting with them over stiff bar. I def feel the difference around 405 already.

  13. Buy a deadlift bar for any weight as its thinner than a standard bar and slightly longer. This alone will make the lift easier as you can pull the slack out of the bar

  14. I am not sure if you would still answer me but, I am buying these plates that says they fit 2 "" but I'm really not sure if it will fit the ohio bar?

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