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– Save big on special Galaxy S8 bundles, Huawei gadgets and the Moto G5 Plus this Amazon Prime Day /2017/07/11/amazon-prime-day-spotlight-deals-galaxy-s8-huawei-moto-g5-plus
– Louis Vuitton unveils wildly extravagant Tambour Horizon smartwatch collection with Android Wear 2.0 /2017/07/11/louis-vuitton-tambour-horizon-luxury-android-wear-2-0-smartwatch
– Credible LG V30 design rendered as refined G6, just one 6-inch screen in tow /2017/07/11/lg-v30-credible-design-cad-renders-video
– Patent for RED Hydrogen envisions a modular smartphone-powered cinematic camera to the nth degree /2017/07/10/patent-for-red-hydrogen-envisions-modularity
– Regardless of risks, Samsung may have no choice but to launch the Galaxy Note 8 early /2017/07/11/samsung-galaxy-note-8-early-launch-speculation

Watch today’s Pocketnow Daily as we talk about the recent deals you can find on Amazon Prime Day. Then we talk about Louis Vuitton and the new Android Wear smartwatch the company has just announced. Then it’s all about the LG V30 as we discuss the renders in video that have just emerged. We then shift to the RED Hydrogen One smartphone and how its modularity will be unique in many ways. We end today’s show talking about the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and how the company might end up launching it early.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 early launch, RED Hydrogen patents & more – Pocketnow Daily



30 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 8 early launch, RED Hydrogen patents & more – Pocketnow Daily”

  1. It is natural tendency of human being to always get attracted to anything which is new and latest. Samsung should play smart instead of becoming old within month

  2. Gosh…I liked fashion but these fashion houses should stick to whatever dumb shit they know how to do best….. Fashion!

  3. Samsung and Appel will be fighting like two dogs while LG sneeks in and gets away with both of their fans.

  4. can you not say your name like that and stop trying so hard to speak so fast…. you sound like my aunt Margie!!!!

  5. The rave reviews on the Note 8 will leach sales from the lackluster, 2012 technology iPhone 8. iPhone may have its fan base. But that fan base is steadily declining. And it's declining because the iPhone compares badly with Samsung's flagships.

  6. iPhone customer is not going to go to Samsung because they're stupid so Samsung not going to lose any sell from iPhone an iPhone really call idiot phone!

  7. I don't think samsung needs to rush to beat iPhone, to me iPhone isn't as great as everyone seems. samsung is a great company and they bring beautiful flagship phones to the market. their phones have amazing screens and there powerful devices with lots of good features. with such great phones I think samsung should feel confident enough to wait it out until there fully ready. that being said they can finish putting the fingerprint sensor under the screen as well

  8. the s8 is fine…but ITS. NOT. A. NOTE.
    I'm still here holding out on my Note 4 because I had anticipated upgrading to the Note 7.
    when that went up in smoke.. waiting for this new phone to drop, I have seriously considered getting an iPhone because of how long it has taken.
    so they better hurry up. they have had enough time to get this right.

  9. I hope they rush the Note 8, for me it can't come out soon enough. I have a Note 4 and planned to get a Note 7… but as we know that didn't pan out. I'm a huge Note fan and am frankly sick of waiting for a new device. Of course I want it right and all that.. but I also want it now.

  10. I am so glad that I found you, Jamie! A tech guy that makes sense. I am a Samsung Note person, I have the Samsung 7 and miss the replaceable battery. I don't get it. I susbscribed and will binge watch your videos. Gracias!

  11. Take your time Samsung! If i get the Note 8 and for some shit reason theres a recall i will not give it back! I miss my Note 7 ;(

  12. I am waiting for this smartphone for around 2 years, i dont have a flagship at this moment, i am using my Nokia 3 at the moment :/

  13. QUESTION: should i upgrade now and get the galxy s8 plus OORRRRR wait a month or two and get the note 8??

  14. If Samsung keeps rushing they may lose more possible customers and their trust, and they've already lost a handful from the Note 7 incident. Trust takes time to rebuild, so Samsung needs to slow their role if they really want to get loyal customers back.

  15. the note 8 is a beast of a phone it will kill any phones out there even the iPhone 8 is no mutch egust that galaxy note 8.

  16. Do it right. Apple fans will remain Apple fans. Note fans have been holding out for this and want it right, not fast. Me: I'm not going to wait for a year then grab an iPhone just because it was announced 3 weeks early or something….

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