Scary Pranks people getting scared

miami pranks

Scaring the night goers at Lincold Road, Miami Beach. Scare pranks on all the club and bar goers during the late night hours.

All footage is filmed and performed by Horror Squad

Royalty Free Music by Audio Micro

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24 thoughts on “Scary Pranks people getting scared”

  1. All right… girls and scares! Always a good combo.

    That girl who shouted "fuck you" out loud at the very start is pretty good. And a very good way to begin the show.

    I really enjoyed the running bit at 1:18… CLASSIC.

    That Asian girl at 1:28 is super cute. I wish I got her phone number!

    Sorry I haven't been on much… working, video making and writing/editing takes a lot of time on my side! You guys did a good job editing your video together.

  2. you guysrock! Hey! Guess what? I Met the actors who played Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers, Jason vorhees) on and 4 crewmembers of TWD! Herschel, Beth, Bob, and Tyreese! Maryland Monster Mania con 2014

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