World Cup 2018: The making of England’s Harry Kane – World Cup Origins – BBC Sport


BBC Sport charts the journey of England’s Harry Kane from Ridgeway Rovers to Tottenham Hotspur and the 2018 World Cup

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23 thoughts on “World Cup 2018: The making of England’s Harry Kane – World Cup Origins – BBC Sport”

  1. Average at best Langard is a fucking Donkey a donkey that cant kick England shite as always never good enough and never will be good enough,,,,,

  2. If England do well the next game, so be it, they do well. But after that its up to them to do far better by putting away all of their many chances. Harry Kane was fouled a few times in the Tunisia game but no penalty?Come on England, do not be soft in winning your world cup games!In Leicester City UK, the lads are singing "its coming home its coming home, football's coming home!"

  3. …as long as England National Team has Southgate in their bench England has not chance to progress…as simply as that…and the English supporters have to admit & swallow that…with my deepest apologies…

  4. Fuck Sterling off and put Rashford up front with Harry and we'll be banging em in left, right and centre!

  5. We can definitely win the next World Cup with this squad as they are still very young and will be much more experienced in 4 years

  6. Guys, 3 out of your 4 profiled players are in the Semi-Finals. Did you read the World Cup script ahead of time? 🙂

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