Organizing for Kids: How to Teach Kids Where Things Belong

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In this video I show you an easy (and fun) way to teach your kids where things belong! Of course there are so many things you need to do when it comes to teaching kids about organization, but this is just one way to make a fun “game” out of it!

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39 thoughts on “Organizing for Kids: How to Teach Kids Where Things Belong”

  1. Personally this was a very good video but i would put the books standing up and when you took the 'car' book i could have sworn it already had a green sticker

  2. I love your videos but there are so many mistakes made. Like the green book and thinking its a car book when it was a superhero.

  3. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR DOING A VIDEO RE KIDS!!! YES, I am new to your channel. Love your work, so helpful.

  4. You should do like, 11-14 year old things, ya you have teen but that doesn't apply a lot to 11 year olds, and you have kids but still a little young, ya I'm in that awkward stage XD

  5. I feel like from 0:280:33 she had a lil moment that gives me an impression that she really desires to have kids. I really hope she does.

  6. I don't even have kids, but I watched this video several times, because I just love Alejandra talking about organization!

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