HIDDEN Camera in CHINA Smartphone Factory


We checked out a chinese smartphone factory to see how china smartphones get produced. Follow us to see how they produces new smartphones in 2016. Camera: *
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28 thoughts on “HIDDEN Camera in CHINA Smartphone Factory”

  1. A job is a job if you have the motor skills for such tedious work then you might be able to do this kind of work.

  2. RESPECT for this hardworking people. But very sad scene IMHO. Working in a production line is hard, I noticed that in an automaker, on the interior assembly section and door assembly section, but on the other hand, they were well paid and shifts were short. I bet that in this case none of them exists. Also QA cant be that great in that conditions, very small amount of jigs our automated phases.

  3. I have owned iPhone 1; iPhone 4S and iPhone 7 Plus…. I believe in keeping technology for a long while because it works well and $$$

  4. This opened my eyes and angers me knowing that there are people smashing phones for the sake of gettin new ones being brats

  5. WTF…5.7 million views stefan…amazing and what is with the blurring i don't remember any of that when the video first aired…???

  6. I come from a country where people use Chinese smartphones such as the Elephone, Mi 7 Xiaomi, Huawei, ZTE I use to had one and I spotted the hidden camera in my Huawei.

  7. China has the largest manufacturing Base. To sell products and beat any prize. That is the problem faced by Taiwan and Japan who were world number one.

  8. If I look at the production from ASUS… I have to say this China Smartphone is not really the best one…. ASUS has only 10% people working than this Company

  9. That's normally jobs places. I don't know why you are puttin that creepy music…

    Do you know prices of first computers at the word ?… the same situation as phones. Huge, and multiple taxes eating too many. Becouse of that China option is better. That's all about that.

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