Fourteen year old Dutch teen prank tweet bomb threats to American Airlines, gets arrested

american girl prank

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A 14-year-old Rotterdam girl is eating her words after prank tweeting a terror threat to American Airlines.

The girl going by the name of Sarah on her twitter account tweeted a not-very-cryptic threatening tweet to American Airlines this past weekend. Officials there were not very amused and passed her information onto the FBI, who in turn used her IP address to notify authorities in Rotterdam, Netherlands where she lives.

To her credit, Sarah did try to apologize profusely over twitter as only a short-sighted unsupervised teenager could. But the Rotterdam police department also didn’t find her joke funny and placed the girl under arrest 12 hours later.


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20 thoughts on “Fourteen year old Dutch teen prank tweet bomb threats to American Airlines, gets arrested”

  1. Dumb kids nowadays. All they want is to look cool and want the attention they can get for it. For living in a high electronic age she sure is dumb to not know anything. Good thing she got arrested. Now the world will know not to do the same.

  2. I wonder if her current status update from Jail is like this:
    "Just peed infront of a guard."
    "Food here isn't even food, its just mushrooms growing on the carpet."
    "where I peed.  ; ;"

  3. Stupid girl is stupid.  How in the world does blocking the FBI somehow protect you from them finding you?  You could be on the moon sending threats and the FBI will still manage to find you.  If you think its edgy or cool to be sending threats like what this dumbshit did, enjoy jail. 

  4. its stupid they arrested her could they not judge by her profile picture that she isent a terrioust and why would al qudea send a warning there going to bomb a plane fails logic test

  5. Im Australian and I was in Netherlands yesterday. Iv been in Germany for nearly 6 months. Been through Europe. The Germans can be real true ass wholes, but the Dutch are the rudest people iv ever met. they stare at you relentlessly and have no manners. What a Dutch bitch! Im a cool, relaxed guy but iv had tremendous bad experiences in Europe. Europeans are cunts. Strait up. Americans (good ones) and Canadians i like. the Europeans dont like Americans and its really disrespectful. If it was not for America you would would not have electricity you ungrateful bastards! Just nuke the guys already! They disrespect you behind you back! and dont believe all the conspiracy hype about some Russian guy inventing electricity…like year right…

  6. life is precious my friend.. you should think before you speak.. just think all the victims of the 9/11 attacks still they all live with the traumatic experience on that day..

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