How to do the Blanket Stitch (Updated Tutorial)

A few people have been asking for an updated blanket stitch tutorial, because the way I do my blanket stitch has changed a little since my last video. Hope you find this helpful!

If you have any questions feel free to leave those in the comments and I will do my best to answer.

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49 thoughts on “How to do the Blanket Stitch (Updated Tutorial)”

  1. i tried looking at non video tutoials and was so confused, the way you did the stich is siple and faster than what I found thanks a lot.

  2. Now that I watch it after several failed attempts, I can see how to start the first stitch. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    I really like your voice too.

  3. Thank you so much for this! I was just making a tea cozy for my mom and had no idea how to do this stitch… the best tip was that the first stitch is straight and then you loop through for the rest… Thank you again!!

  4. Thank you for the instruction.  Could you please show us how to turn the corner?  I am wanting to try to make a pillow cover with the blanket stitch and am a bit confused about turning the corner.  Thanks!

  5. Thank you for an awesome tutorial. I was wondering… what type of felt do you use? Is there a name brand for it. I want to start making felt food but have no clue as to what type of felt to use. Thank you

  6. um hi wonderful youtuber,I need some help on how to make a blanket,pillow,patch,plush,bag,purse or something. [please,with sprinkles & yummy strawberry on top] (^_^)

  7. Yay!!! Pink 💗💕💞
    Love it 10/10 c:
    My mom show me how to do this :3
    When I was 6 :3 Along time ago though :3
    But know am something something
    Don't wanna say my real age •~• :/
    Hehe •^•

  8. For any still wondering about how to end thread, add more thread, or to stitch around corners, there is another video by a user account named Treasurie; she explains all of these things very clearly. Search for "blanket stitch tutorial" and it should come up. It says "easy for beginners" in the title, too, I believe. I liked this video better, personally; I wanted to see someone stitch with actual thread rather than yarn or embroidery floss, etc.

  9. Thank you for this, I started a plush exactly like this and accidentally started something a pattern I liked without actually knowing how to replicate it.

  10. First video I’ve seen that was so clear to understand. I haven’t figured out what to do when I run out of thread. How do you do the first stitch again without leaving a space. Help :0).

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