The Nissan Paint Prank ft. the World’s Cleanest Car

usa prank

You’ll never believe what happens when the Nissan LEAF® pulls The Paint Prank. Unsuspecting passersby are duped into thinking they spilled paint all over a brand new car, but there’s a catch! The #WorldsCleanestCar test LEAF model is coated in Ultra-Ever Dry® self-cleaning paint.

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49 thoughts on “The Nissan Paint Prank ft. the World’s Cleanest Car”

  1. Great job you guys! I hope that all chrome car have this. Dirty car=Bad, Dirty chrome=Bad, Awful looking and a laughing stock. So if you were to put this on your chrome that would be great!

    Sincerely- A 13 year old kid you don't know or care about.
    (P.S) If you replied i'd be very happy!

  2. I love the LEAF, but I hope that paint is environmental-friendly. You don't want more toxic chemicals to discharge into the environment.

  3. Haha if someone pulled this prank on me I'd probably respond with something like "eh, it's acrylic paint right? Just hose it off, it'll come off with water" lol

  4. Taking a normal car to a wash and paying extra for a hot wax treatment does the same thing. Also that looked like very, VERY watered down paint.!

  5. Somehow I doubt that is real paint being used. The city might have something to say about that much paint being dumped in the road.

  6. Next video I watch after this will be Coolest Supra

    edit: I'm ashamed to admit it was the ugliest Supra I've ever seen… ;(

  7. Looks like Nissan is have better chemical engineers than the advertisers, unless Nissan LEAF's target audience is 12 year old boys.

  8. I hope ur not using electricity made of nuclear power… BTW: your batteries are not made in a clean way so, yeah

  9. The batteries that fuel Nissan Leaf cars require the mining of lithium and rare earth metals which are usually harvested in a manner that is detrimental to to the surrounding ecosystems. Also don't forget the fact that over 50% of the electricity used to power electric cars is produced through coal power plants, unless it's wired straight to solar panels or some other form of renewable energy. To top this all off Nissan decides incentivize buying their new car by (assuming that they aren't pouring a paint like substance onto the car and actually have developed car paint which is resistant to actual acrylics) polluting the waterways with paint. 

  10. Жаль меня там не было с ведром родного, доброго кузбасс лака. Посмотрел бы я на их лица и на то как они отмывать бы стали. По запах- вообще молчу ! ))

  11. Would you ever be able to get this car painted? If you ran into something and wanted to get the scratches painted over, would you be able to?

  12. As the title reads, "Paint Prank"
    The idea that an automobile which receives an accidental dose of "Paint" on its surface in this same manner is a bit unrealistic. In addition, watered down acrylic paint poured down the side of a given panel is entertaining to some degree to the uneducated masses. Any kind of accidental paint issues to a car during painting typically comes from oil based paints, typically sprayed or spilled at full strength of the product viscosity. Oil based primers are equally threatening to a cars finish. Costs to remedy this type of damage generally can be absorbed by your insurance company. However it does have some affect on the paint surface to some degree if any compounding and polishing with abrasives are needed. As a painting contractor, I purchased a brand new truck for my company, it was a much needed purchase to extend my reliability to get to the jobs etc etc. To me a new vehicle came at a cost, although nothing more was more pleasing than to see the resulting new item in my possession. Its efficiency and reliability couldn't have been a more delightful experience.
    It was my biggest goal not to mark up this new prize with paint on the interior or exterior. To keep this new look of this truck was non negotiable… One day going home after a long day, much to my horror the crew of painters working on another house whom had been spraying all through the day made the mistake of not considering the direction of the wind. Being it was far from the location it seemed purely accidental. To repair this issue, the resulting buffing out and polishing basically had an effect visually on alot of the vinyl decals and pin striping, edges were worn down somewhat and faded.
    My truck never was the same after that incident, although the real reward came through the reliability and overall miles driven during the ownership of this truck.
    This video realistically is entertaining, in reality it wont apply to many of us end consumers of Nissans fleet of cars. They fail to mention they are using a likely 50% dilution of water and water based paints on what could be a side panel that looks basically well waxed. Entertainment…

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