7 DAY BODY TRANSFORMATION CHALLENGE | RAW Physique Update After Cheating! (Lex Fitness)


EPISODE 1 of 7 Day Body Transformation challenge & how it can be done! Complete food, training and diet breakdown will be provided as well as a step by step log of food! To prove Magic Pills, Supplements, Steroids etc are not the reason you see immediate change in a person! Understand the body & you take control!




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The truth about how to get in real shape! Plus a look at my life in the fitness world: The Travel, The Training, The Fans & THE CHALLENGES!



7 DAY BODY TRANSFORMATION CHALLENGE | RAW Physique Update After Cheating! (Lex Fitness)

Lex Fitness


42 thoughts on “7 DAY BODY TRANSFORMATION CHALLENGE | RAW Physique Update After Cheating! (Lex Fitness)”

  1. MFP LINK IS NOW IN THE DESCRIPTION! …. I'll be logging everything but it may be sporadic but will be all logged by the time I go to bed (which can be late!). Remember this is going to be an Extreme look at bod manipulation and Recomposition more than Fat Loss but I want you guys to be able to see first hand what can happen. The better the foundation the Bigger the end result! #CREW!!

  2. Id suggest a under chin of chest rig for the motovlogs. It's a way better perspective. Just remember to blur out your speedometer.

  3. Lex, what is your body fat ? i think im quite like you at the moment and want to know where i am in terms of body fat

  4. Hello there! I really enjoyed ur video but I have a question. Soo i started working out about 4 months ago at gym and was 72kg 171cm and im 14 yrs old. Now im same height but 65kg and my question is. Do i still need to lose alittle weight as i still have alittle body fat left or no and how many calories should i eat to have bigger muscles. Thanks. P. S usually i do 4 sets of 12 reps.

  5. Question: have you ever considered moving out of the uk (i.e. Living in Canada)? If you had to move out where would you and lainey like to live?

  6. loved this weeks Crew Cast… My Question is what is the most important message to you want to get out there as far as how to enjoy your life the healthy way.

  7. Lex, can you do a motovlog on your favourite bikes. Im dying yo get one but have no clue where to start! I love cbr's but I'm also a big Harley Davidson forty eight fan haha!

  8. Lex, I don't know how to tell you this, but it looks like someone stole your driveshaft and replaced it with some crappy bicycle chain… you should get that looked at

  9. That bike is beautiful 😍 just quickly in a video someday could you talk about your bike journey πŸ‘ first bike, nervous starting out e.t.c

  10. Fantastic idea Lex and with your no bs , lets get it f-c-ing done , this should be something , to interest everybody . From the fittest , to the , well me . Truly looking forward for this . Thanks mate . Norm .

  11. Awesome video Lex. I think this video also highlights another aspect of the fitness/bodybuilding journey.

    Which is, to stop checking the mirror too often during times of heavy bloating/bulking etc. It can be psychologically taxing on those who are worried about putting on a little bit of extra weight after carbs and so forth. In the past I have done this!

    You have just proven that in a matter of 7 days you can completely change your physique through nutrition/training.


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