Abs & Cardio Routine


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33 thoughts on “Abs & Cardio Routine”

  1. Try doing the vomiting cat Yoga Breathing Exercise to really make those abs pop. If it works…post a video for your fans.

  2. I'm 13 and I work out  about 45 minutes a day. I currently have a 4-pack and I want the lower abs to show. Many people say that if you want the lower abs to show you need to eat less, but I need to keep growing in height  as well as in muscle mass (weight).I don't have access to a gym and the only weights I have at home are two 15 pound dumbbells. What should I do?

  3. Just found this channel. I like the way you instruct. You get to the point and keep it interesting without the longwinded  "Mr Rogers" interaction like most videos i see. Thank you!

  4. Blows my mind how people aren't driving because of like 3 cm of wet snow. Where are the snow tires? Where are the plows?
    Anyway, good routine, thanks

  5. Your awesome Chris! Ive been doing some awesome arm routines lately for powerlifting. And I'm from Texas too, near Beaumont.

  6. You answered my question at the end of the video. Thanks! Do you also do other exercises before you do abs and cardio? How long does that usually take?

  7. Hey Chris! First off, thanks for making these videos, I find them all very helpful and entertaining haha. Anyway, you mentioned that you do this routine 3 times/week, but I was wondering if you do this routine after you're done lifting, or if you do only this on your ab days? I've always been skinny, but now I'm losing my abs since I'm getting older lol, so I have to start doing cardio now. Should my goal when I do cardio be to just aim for burned calories? Hope to hear back from you.

  8. Hi there, I watched like five of your videos and I just loved them. Seriously. Quick question: How many times do you do cardio when cutting and bulking? Thanks a lot!

  9. Indiana- Everyone MUST go to work or risk getting fired. Most places require us to show up even when red zoned when it's supposed to be illegal to travel hah

  10. Chris Jones, how can I lose the belly fat faster? is it just doing your ab routine 3 days a week? I only eat one meal a day

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