705 deadlift | Olympia 2016

dead lift

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48 thoughts on “705 deadlift | Olympia 2016”

  1. Now I see why Bradley refuses to collab. He was shakin like a leaf trying to hit 585 for 4, he doesn't want to get his soul taken.

  2. not gonna lie for the past 2 vids I've been wondering how your hair was long enough for that hair do, but it's cool it's different

  3. great video and id love to see u with gokuflex again its always fun watching u two and thanks for uploading more consistintly love wathching this

  4. you should look into powerlifting, your potential to be successful and make a big name for yourself, especially for the name you already have is insane.

  5. Hey man, what do you do for grip work?  My greatest struggles for new maxes has ALWAYS been grip, knowing I can pull way more.  I'm tryna get to 405 and you handle it with such ease.  I struggled to get past 315 and all my new maxes after, and I have to put significant amounts of work into grip just to keep going.  I'm debating straps, but then I see vids with guys like you, and I figure there must be something I can do to make my grip stronger faster.  Suggestions?

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