Canon EOS Rebel T3i Review | Canon EOS 600D Review | with Video + Picture Test


This is a review of the Canon Rebel T3i or EOS 600d. The link to the Canon Rebel T3i / 600d:

Essential Accessories for the Canon Rebel T3i:

Canon T3i Case:

Canon T3i Spare Batteries:

Canon T3i Remote:


Canon 40mm f2.8 Lens:

A less expensive alternative:

Canon 50mm EF F1.8:

Today we’re going to be looking at the Canon Rebel T3i or the 600D, as its known outside the US. This is currently Canon’s least expensive DSLR and is equipped with the 18MP APS-C sensor that canon uses in most of its entry level EOS DSLRs. Our test unit is equipped with an 18-55mm kit lens that has image stabilization. There’s also a 18-135mm kit lens available.

Let’s first take a look at the T3i camera body itself. On the front right hand side of the Canon Rebel T3i is lens lock release button, the flash button is above that and the depth of field preview button is below it. Above these buttons and further to the right is the built in microphone. Right in the middle of the front face is the mirror and beneath it is the image sensor. And both these are enclosed by the canon EF lens mount. Slightly to the left of that is the self-timer lamp and the remote control sensor which is located on the camera grip. Now, the remote control sensor lets you use a wireless remote to activate the shutter on the Canon T3i. On the left hand side is a very well-designed SD card slot which makes inserting and removing the card from the T3i a breeze.

On the top right hand side of the Canon T3i you have the shutter, the main adjuster dial, a display on/off button and the iso button. Slightly further back you have the main on/off button and the mode dial which incorporates the video shooting mode amongst other shooting modes. To the left of this dial is the hot shoe mount and the flash which pops up when needed or intentionally turned on. And there’s also two strap mounts on either side of the T3i.

The rear face has has the digital zoom in and zoom out buttons on the right and the live view button on the left. The live view button is also the movie record button. Beneath this is is the aperture adjustment button, the quick-menu button and beneath that are a set of buttons to quickly adjust white balance, shooting modes, autofocus modes and picture styles. And all the way down to the right are the playback and delete buttons. And almost in the center of the rear face is the viewfinder and its dioptric adjustment knob. And to the left of the viewfinder are the menu and info buttons. And last but not least is the extremely helpful swiveling LCD screen.

The bottom of the Canon Rebel T3i has the ¼-20 tripod thread and to the right in the battery compartment with Canon’s LP-E8 battery. The battery compartment door could use a slightly better design, as it is a bit annoying to open.


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  1. for some reason i can not figure out how to get the image i am seeing through my camera to come up on the screen. The only way for me to see when im taking a photo is through the actual camera body itself. Does anyone know how to get the image onto the screen before i take the photo?

  2. +Lonesome Traveller Canon T3i and Canon EOS 600D is the same exact camera. The model names are different in different markets. Its labeled T3i in the US and is sold as the 600d elsewhere. Hope that helps. Please subscribe.

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