2017 Health and Fitness Challenge! | Kathryn Morgan

Happy New Year! We are going to be doing a new health and fitness challenge to start off the year right. In addition to the workout calendars we will be incorporating clean eating into our plan. Let’s be accountable and motivate each other! I have all of the Challenge information below!


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I am a former ballerina with the New York City Ballet. When I was a young student, I was always looking for insights into the ballet world and how to improve my dancing as well as beauty and lifestyle tips. Now that I am a professional, it is my turn to share.

On my channel I make ballet, beauty, and lifestyle videos for everyone of all ages. My goal is help dancers improve and achieve their dreams as well as open up the ballet world to non dancers. You will see many different kinds of how-to videos here including makeup, hair, ballet workouts and exercises, Q and A sessions, lifestyle advice, and DIY on this channel. I hope you find all of my videos helpful!


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20 thoughts on “2017 Health and Fitness Challenge! | Kathryn Morgan”

  1. Hi Katy! I live in a small town and there are not many places to shop for leotards. I've tried going to places like Academy and target but have found that they only have Leo's for little kids. So all of my dance classmates and teachers have been telling me to chop online but I'm afraid that it's going to come in and be a bad size. Do you have any tips for shopping online?

  2. Hi Kathryn! I' m so happy with this challenge!!! Where can we find the food programme( apart from Facebook)? I love you so much!!!! ?

  3. Happy new year! So excited to do your challenge again! I followed along with the calendars throughout 2016. Was wondering if you could please do a video of what you eat in a typical day? Just as inspiration not to necessarily copy you. Thanks for your wonderful videos xo

  4. Kathryn, am I missing something?? It says on the calendar that all videos for the workouts are on here..so for Jan 2 where it says "pilates" does that mean you have a video titled as such or do we just find a pilates exercise? Sorry if I'm missing some obvious information. By the way, this is so awesome!! Thank you!

  5. I'm so excited!!! I didn't see the last one, but I am definitely going to participate in this one. ? Wondering if you are going to do a yoga video? Thanx!!!

  6. I just requested to join the group on Facebook! I just found out I have Hashimoto's and** I'm learning ballet as an adult (though I danced as a child…no technique was learned) so I feel like your channel has everything for me! ha. I have loved your videos so much and I am excited about this community! 🙂

  7. Hello, I started following your channel today 🙂
    Do you have any tips for en dehors? My hips are okay with it, but my knees hurt and "force" my legs to close. For example, When I stand in retiré position, my legs are really turned out, but my first position is like… 90º

  8. You are such a wonderful person, thank you for being like that?..you help everybody achive their goals and i really appreciate that

  9. I have a question , I am a dancer and plan on being a principal but I'm a vegetarian, is the lack of protein going to affect my dancing ?

  10. This is sick, I have just started a 30 day fitness challen if you could support me that would be amazing ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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