Hero5 Black: Stabilization Comparison – GoPro Tip #544

gopro hero 5

In this video I will test out the new stabilization mode for the GoPro Hero5 Black camera!

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Filmed by Mitch Bergsma
Edited on Final Cut Pro X on Mac
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49 thoughts on “Hero5 Black: Stabilization Comparison – GoPro Tip #544”

  1. Hello … I have a request for you . if possible I would like to you check my daughter instg … She is very interested in sign language… she learned all by herself. only using youtube .She had tons of videos . there are only. few posted .. if you can give her some advise so she keep the work . thx
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  2. I think the difference is undeniable. It works great in my opinion. Did you notice a picture quality difference between the 2? Thanks 🙂

  3. I have the hero 4 silver and IDK if its worth paying $400 bucks to get the Hero 5 for stabilization. But good video!

  4. know what micbergsma i love the sound of your scoot …two stroke!!!!! oryt man 2t power!!! haha😀😃😋👌

  5. thank's for the Video. but i trink the sharpness, Colour and the details are much better without the stabilization. Is this correct? thx and Nice regards… Rog.

  6. A really good compare…
    on My Channel i compare the gopro 4 Silver and the 5 black with stabilizations and lowlight

  7. great video, one thing that I am really confused about is your comparison video looks great and makes sense. But I shot my whole trip using the same settings (1080p with 60 fps wide, with stabilization on, just using the 3 way grip) and it seems like even when I felt like I was trying very hard to be stable I'm getting footage that looks more like the right side… I am 100% certain my clips have stabilization on them. You look like you're able to get super stable footage while even running.. I'm stumped. Any ideas? Am I just that unstable when holding it?

  8. That looks extremely dangerous. A deaf guy, speeding, one handed, constantly looking away from the road to look at the camera.

    To those saying the non stabilised video looks more stable than the unstabilised, it's because it stabilises based on what is in the foreground, so it's anchoring to the bike and rider rather than the background. So if you actually look closely, the stabilised camera looks in sync with the movements of the bike and less with the trees, whereas the unstabilised camera looks more stabilised with the trees but less so compared to the bike.

  9. Don't forget that an old good trick is, in some shots, to put in the frame a little bit of the object where the camera is mounted, downside for example or on a side of the frame, so the whole video appears more stable for the eyes.

  10. hero 5 black crops the image and do software stabilization. you can achieve the same (perhaps better) in adobe premiere, sony vegas, etc.

  11. wait I just noticed that with the stabilization on, it crops the image so cant you just get some software that will do that for you ???

  12. I turned it on and I am running on 1080p at 30fps and I am not really seeing any difference. Is there something that I need to do in gopro studio to make the stabilization work?

  13. Чудес на свете не бывает. НЕ стоит полагаться на электронную стабилизацию картинки в камере. Чаще всего такая стабилизация дает негативные результаты. Гораздо лучший эффект дает оптическая стабилизация, но это дорогие профессиональные ТВ – объективы. Поэтому говорить только об одних положительных моментах электронной стабилизации не совсем правильно. Да, это хорошо что есть такая функция, да, часто может использоваться в экшен – съемках. Но не всегда эта функция может дать тот результат. Имейте это ввиду, любите – коллеги. А профессионалы согласятся ибо они ведают о чем говорю.

  14. I tried 1080p 60fps with PT (iso 800, other settings =auto) and when filming snowboard follow-up in an indoor with the 3-way pole, I noticed the footage was really shaky, even though image smoothing was on. I cannot understand. The only explanation was that indoor and bad lightning caused the shakiness look… Can you help please?

  15. well it does not take away all the camera shake but it's still a noticeable diffrence. keep it on if you dont own a gimbal!

  16. With stabi its less shaking, but less color and the whole picture bends and moves in itself beause the software try to elimitae the "fisheye effect". I think without stabi and a quite hand its better.

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