Why Apple’s headphones have those extra holes in them


You may not pay much attention to your Apple EarPod headphones. You put them in your ears, crank up the tunes, then head to the gym or wherever. But if you’ve ever looked closely at the earbuds, you’d notice a few extra holes in the plastic. But what are they there for? They’re not the microphone, that’s located on the remote. The holes are actually there to let in air. This helps the speaker move more freely, creating deeper bass notes and better acoustics.

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38 thoughts on “Why Apple’s headphones have those extra holes in them”

  1. who is more perfect than apple? the more i'm into apple the more i'm amazed. company from another galaxy

  2. Why did you click on this video, if you just hover your cursor over the thumbnail, you would have known why and now you wasted even more time reading this comment. Now stop procrastinating and do your homework.

  3. i discovered that if you close these TWO holes with your finger tips while playing something the sound gets worse. only if your earpod is oringal😎

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