Gordon Dismayed That Chef Can’t Even Cook a Boiled Egg | Hotel Hell


Things very nearly get out of hand here..

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37 thoughts on “Gordon Dismayed That Chef Can’t Even Cook a Boiled Egg | Hotel Hell”

  1. "I'm tired of hearing that."

    If you've heard it before, then obviously, there is a PROBLEM that you should PROBABLY consider FIXING.

  2. Okay, the egg thing was sad. Like, if he had received a HARD boiled eggs instead, then I would've understood, because SOFT boiling versus HARD boiling is frickin impossible for me (how do you check it?! How do you know?!) but the egg being raw. Bro, that is just SAD

  3. A chef who can’t cook is making death threats towards a chef has has over 30 restaurants about how bad his food is. Can’t solve the case on that one.

  4. Waitress: It's probably the tomato juice, or condensation from shrimp

    Gordon: Condensation?
    wHUt dOOeSS tHATTAT mEaannN??

  5. Wow that was BRUTAL lol…. Gordon DESTROYED this whole guys ego / mentality etc…. In 60 seconds lol he got REALLY personal too lol

  6. “Gutsy thing to do, especially in a kitchen full of sharp knives.”

    Gutsy thing to say on TV. Besides that, if you can’t boil a god damn egg, you probably can’t sharpen a knife, either.

  7. "I'm gonna kill him" you sure about that…Ramsay would knock you out if he wanted to, darn lucky that he knows how to stay tamed.

  8. 2:13 and onwards is like a dramatic movie scene one person stood at each end of the room both looking like they wanna rip each others throats out…..😂

  9. ..well – i can't understand – why these businesses are not shut down, closed, banned forever! These so called "Chefs" are an embarassement for our GUILDE!

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