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Beginner Singers, I Feel Your Pain! – What Learning Guitar Taught Me About Singing /  Take my FREE 3 video belt singing course!

Today’s all about me learning how to play the guitar and appreciating what it’s like to be a beginner singer! Particularly when it’s time to practice singing.

Since I’ve been singing like forever, I didn’t realize the struggle is actually real. So I came up with some approaches and mindsets I picked up from learning an instrument that will lead you to the most progress in singing.

Here are a few tips that will help you, my beginner and not-so-beginner friends:

1.) Practice, practice, practice. Beginning singing lessons can seem like it will take hours. Instead, shoot for at least 15-30 minutes a day. It’s better to practice more frequently, for less time, than to do one marathon practice session per week.

2.) Take a break. It’s okay to step away from practice and know when to call it a day. Sometimes you need to sleep on a new skill or technique to help commit it to muscle memory.

3.) Happy practice = Faster progress. Beginner singing lessons can be frustrating. But remember, singing is an opportunity for you to experience joy and have fun. Go easy on yourself and always think positive!

Singing for beginners isn’t that different from guitar for beginners.

Hope you enjoy this vid! Now let’s start strumming and singing! 🙂

xo Fel


As a professional voice finder, it’s my sworn duty to teach you how to find your singing voice! Learning how to improve your singing voice is all about simple, achievable steps that make SENSE to you. All of us learn how to sing on our own timeline, and certain things will click more than others. But it’s important that YOU understand your voice more than anyone else — learning how to be a good singer is, in many ways, getting to know yourself 🙂 If you feel you don’t yet know how to sing like a pro, be patient — every baby step and daily practice session helps. (And I’ll keep posting new vids to help you!)
xo Fel

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38 thoughts on “Beginner Singers, I Feel Your Pain! – What Learning Guitar Taught Me About Singing – Felicia Ricci”

  1. Anytine I try to do vocal practice, I'm afraid to be too loud so that my family doesn't come in and beat my ass for disturbing them. I don't really have a place where I'm comfortable to sing, and don't know how to find one, because I can't enjoy the time if I'm scared

    every earthling should play UKE. So easy and fun and SIMPLE. Plus nylon strings do NOT HURT YOUR FINGERS. (Many guitarists give up b/c with STEEL STRINGS on a guitar, it hurts for months.)

  3. That's why I play guitar. Recess. I love playing. I'll never be great…. but it's supposed to be FUN. Also, the marathon, not race thing. Yes. That's exactly it.

  4. I'm currently learning how to sing and play the guitar hehe!^^ Your video has reminded me the initial reason as to why I decided to pick up the guitar as well as singing! Thank you for bringing me so much positivity!:))

  5. Sometimes playing guitar is difficult if you have especially small hands… finding the right, small guitar or instrument can make a big difference in whether making chords is "painful" or not…. I ended up with a 1/2 size child's guitar with 22" scale….and a mandolin. Although ukeleles are extremely popular right now.

  6. Love your video, "Feel Your Pain" I am also learning guitar, i like the finger picking style along with strumming chords so i can practice singing along, I find singing and playing an instrument at the same time so hard, I am also learning to play piano, and learning to sight read music, along with singing. I also love your tips on using a mike. Many thanks.

  7. I'm a novice singer and an advanced guitarist, and I agree 100% with this mindset advice. Incidentally, Ryron Gracie is an advocate of that same general mindset for martial arts training, with the mantra "keep it playful".

  8. It's really funny because it was the opposite for me. I played guitar first and tried singing down the road, and was like "this is impossible, I can't even hit a single note (looking at how # / b I was)." I was convinced it was some sort of gift at birth. Practicing now, but the beginning of a new hobby is always a humbling experience. So much fun though.

  9. Fel. I am a kid with a guitar and my hands aren't big enough for the chords! I can push down on chords fine but I can't reach them all! Please help!

  10. Thank you, Felicia. I'm at the beginning of real voice lessons, and I feel incredibly awkward. But I'm determined to keep trying.

  11. Haha nice Fel. Thats just on point, i always take a short break from the stress of not being able to get what im trying to learn and when pick up my guitar again its like woaw im rockin it! haha now im learning how to sing, yes i can sing but im having problems with head tone and straining but i check and watch your warm up videos and tips everyday to remind myself how to do it the right way. Would love to see you play and sing at the same time Fel. Thanks!

  12. Thank you!!! I'm a beginning singer and I play guitar! But I totally understand! When I was learning guitar, it was in fact very frustrating and I would get so angry with myself, and now that I am a good guitar player, I'm experiencing this with my singing. It reminds me how much I really need to try everyday. I need to be positive. Thanks Fel!

  13. Love this analogy! I practiced violin from childhood to high school, and got pretty far, but my high school teacher put too much pressure on me, and I hated having to learn 4th shift (I think that's the name) – where you use your pinky and apply vibrato with your pinky. I hated it, and quit. Hopefully, I can stick it out with singing. You're a great teacher! I'm also learning Italian to be able to sing classical music in Italian. Italian is also a struggle, even though I know Spanish. I suppose everything you pick up has some uphill battles at first. Nice video!

  14. I would love to just send you a video of me singing a musical song because I have a huge performance soon and I never had any voice lessons so it would mean the world to me if you can comment on it and maybe tell me what mistakes I make!!

  15. Hey fel can u please please please please help me to sing rap cause I feel out of breath as I finish about 5-10 lines and I feel out breath so can please help or give me some tips or just give me a reply on this comment or contact me on my email

  16. I retired and decided to learn to play the Ukulele, old as I am. Then I realized I have to sing or no one knows what I’m playing. So now I’m trying to learn how to sing. Then I decided I sing horribly so I decided to learn chord melody. I think I should have started this many years ago! But I love it. We’re never too old to learn something new.

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