New Amazon Fire Tablets With Alexa (2017) Fire 7 vs Fire HD 8 vs Fire Kids Edition


Fire 7:
Fire HD 8:
Fire 7 Kids Edition:
Fire 8 Kids Edition:

Checking out the recently refreshed line of Amazon’s Fire Tablets: the Fire 7, the Fire HD 8, and the Fire Kids Edition all now with Amazon Alexa support.

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33 thoughts on “New Amazon Fire Tablets With Alexa (2017) Fire 7 vs Fire HD 8 vs Fire Kids Edition”

  1. hello sir..

    i use belkin and tplink smartlight switch… i turn on/off lights using alexa from that amazon fire tablet.

    or i need to purchase amazon eco dot to control my lights?

  2. I plan using my tablet for reading ebooks and audiobooks. Which of the two is good? Just pay the extra amor t for the 8?

  3. I don't care about the kids edition, but learning about the other two was cool. I bought the 8 and might buy one for my mom. If you use it for simple things like she would (like to help to go to sleep) these are good tablets

  4. Good review: well explained and your pronunciation is admirable. I bought a Fire 8 hd a week ago and use it only as an e-reader and I am very satisfied with it: its brightness, resolution, sound (audible books) and responsiveness exceeded my expectations. Recommended.

  5. I have a Fire 7 with Alexa and I love it, I'm actually using it right now. I can play games, read books and of course use audible. The Kindle Fire 7 Alexa Is great for those who want a tablet to play some games and read books for just about $80, its amazing.

  6. I just recently bought the Kindle Fire 8, still need it to come in the mail. May 8th can't come fast enough. Also bought a case for it.

  7. My I pad doesn't last eight hours. I don't use the camera at all. I just wanted to brows the web, and read, and the stupid crapple junk doesn't stay charged.

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