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FREE EBOOKLET We often hear that a good balanced diet should include as wide a variety of foods as possible to ensure nutrient sufficiency. What about the fruitarian diet then?

Can a diet of only one single food group support human health? Does fruit contain everything we need? How can it?

Fruit is the natural food for humans, it is what “we” ate for millions of years during our evolution, it’s the only thing we can eat as is, as it appears in nature, raw, whole and without condiments to mask the taste. Fruit is fast food! Fruit is human food!

Nutritionally, fruit is complete. Contrary to popular belief, fruit actually contains all essential dietary nutrients for optimal human health! That’s right! There’s protein in fruit! There’s essential fatty acids like Omega 3 and Omega 6 in fruit. There’s plenty of calcium, iron, magnesium and Vitamin A (betacarotene). All the vitamins and minerals are there in ideal ratios. There’s also water and fiber of course, important nutrients indeed.

As long as one consumes enough total calories, from fruit alone, one gets enough of all the various nutrients needed. Theoretically speaking! There’s of course the possibility that a particular piece of fruit, or batch of fruits, did not grow in ideal conditions and therefore it is indeed a good idea to “spread our bets” by consuming a wide variety of fruits, over the course of a year.

Seasonal eating is the best. Fresh, ripe, raw foods are what nature intended for us to eat! The raw food diet is the default in nature. Eating according to our biological design as frugivores – a raw vegan diet in other words – will always yield the best results!

Drinking cow’s breastmilk or eating the dead meat of other animals – now that’s what I call extreme! A varied fruitarian diet is in fact the most conservative choice there is – conserving our health, the planet and the animals all at the same time!

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  1. u can cover up all necessary nutrients wit raw's ?makros and micros ? or wich one we should take an eye on?
    Do u believe that humans get used to the food they life like in their roots? Let me explain.I'm from austria, all my roots by far i know r located in mideurope. So it was not common in the past in this area to eat, let me say orange or mango. It is still easier for my body to work for example with the Vitamin c from a potatoe than from orange?

  2. Yes humans have lost there instinctive and intuitive senses for the correct and optimal foods. Its crazy to think of all the things most humans call food. Humans are frugivores 🙂

  3. Just ordered and downloaded your travel book! I'm so excited. I'm looking forward to learning how I can travel like you guys. I'm already vegan and considering the fruitarian life. #lovefruit

  4. Great video! I learn so much every time I watch these. The two of you guys need to know that you really have a gift for this, and are helping a lot of people learn this stuff that is completely foreign to people like me. I feel like I'm relearning everything I ever thought about health and nutrition. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us. God bless!

  5. thank you for your video. i can imagine how useful it s for people to open eyes. but anyone should want to as well.
    actually we didnt eliminate. things like dairy etc were not our food!!!!!!

    we r original people.
    we love our bodies.

    i like what you say — all birds animals dont know about protein and they r happily living.

    thanks god for making this happen to us opening our eyes finding clarity.

  6. do you believe monomeals are optimal? also what is your opinion on subtropical fruits like apples, berries and citrus? in my mediterenean country we got only those.

  7. Choosing between literally HUNDREDS of varieties of fruits as opposed to a half-dozen types of animals is restrictive?

    Speaking of fruit (and at the risk of making you envious), I just purchased two kilograms of high-quality mabolo fruit yesterday. If you have ever tasted a ripened mabolo, you will know what I mean. If not, then you have no idea what you are missing. YUM!

  8. recently I read an article that says that Steve Jobs death was cause by his extreme diet he was a frugorive he developed pancreas cancer, to sum up the article says that too much sugar could have killed him. I was so confuse but I've done some research that clarified my doubts and Your videos have been very helpful thanks!! keep up the good work. 🙂

  9. Great video as usual! I just watched a video by Sun Fruit Dan where he was saying an all fruit diet long term isn't optimal and that he always recommends a lot of greens along side fruit because of mineral deficient soil that most fruit is grown in today's day and age. He said we will end up lacking in minerals unless we eat greens. What is your opinion on this?
    Thank you! (:

  10. what about a centures of different cuisines, especially Mediterranean? ?? when people learned how to cook they became humans

  11. I have been watching your videos for awhile and I really appreciate the down to earth message you and your brother have, that being said I believe in evolution on all fronts of nutrition and health therefor I believe you would highly appreciate a doctor named Adiel Tel-Oren he is part of the raw vegan movement in Minnesota, US. Many of his videos are on youtube and a lot of what he has to say matches up with yours and thats part of the reason why I continued and started watching your channel. Im glad that as simple as you channel is the information you give is progressive and accurate. The optimal human diet (fruitarian, raw nuts, common easily attainable seeds, low fat, etc…) is i think something we agree on however, we have migrated around the world so much that our bodies have had to adapt to lesser diets (example; paleo) and obviously not fully since our evolution hasn't had enough time thats why I believe you would appreciate what Dr. Adiel Tel-Oren has to say about increasing fat from stable saturated and monounsaturated fats like, raw cold pressed virgin coconut oil, real raw unfiltered olive oil, olives, fatty fruits, and raw nuts and seeds. He acknowledges the fruitarian diet as being our optimal diet however he also takes into consideration what our bodies and minds are forced to go through in this day and age. You have an advantage over those of us who don't travel and spend time in our original home (the tropics) therefor your diet can be closer to the optimal human diet since your closer to the optimal human environment however those of us who reside in places like Minnesota/ for you Norway, then I believe unfortunately the diet has to be a little modified from the 801010 template, because of increased toxicity in all forms,, like I said check him out, you might be intrigued. He has a six part lecture series for free download on his website go to Ecopolitan.com and find the Truth About Your Food tele seminar and download. Just returning the favor of knowledge! Much love and keep the vids coming!

  12. If you live in Europe or North America eating only or mostly tropical foods is insane for your health, your pocket and for the planet.

  13. Have you read Return to the Brain of Eden: Restoring the Connection between Neurochemistry and Consciousness, by Tony Wright and Graham Gynn? It is an amazing book that discusses our frugivorous origins and how the phytonutrients in fruit helped our evolutionary neural development.

  14. Bro i resonate so much with everything you say! keep on sharing knowledge, love and light send your way from the netherlands 🙂

  15. Do you by chance know why the anatomical features of humans' faces are the features of hunters? Our eyes are also designed to react to movement (that's why children use their fingers when they learn to read, to create some sort of movement that is easier to follow).
    Your whole theory of humans as frugivores makes totally sense and actually sounds extremely delicious to me (unfortunately I am not in the position to try it out myself completely), but I was still wondering about the two aspects of our anatomy that I mentioned above 🙂
    Great videos and have a nice day! 🙂

  16. I've heard that if you drink milk then body have to extract calcium from bones in order to fight intenal inflammation caused by it.

  17. I am vegan mostly raw and eat lots of fruts and just done a complete blood test: perfect in all respects, my B12 is perfect, calcium is perfect etc.

  18. It is restrictive I love Muh Nachos Cannot get that fruitarian Muh spaghetti Muh Veggie Burgers Muh Potatos Muh onions and Mutch more Never going Fruitarion

  19. Man I really like your content and stuff you'r talking about. But many times when you said that the perfect diet is to eat fruit I start wandering how to do it when i'm living in a poor country with not so big money income . Most of the time im eating raw vegan, but i really decide to eat some cook food cuz most of the time i can't afford bio veggies/fruits or so. In my opinion is deffenetly better to add some cooked food instead of eating poor quality fruit and veggies from the big markets .

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