Scotland 2-2 England (2018 World Cup Qualifier) | Official Highlights

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England maintain their unbeaten World Cup qualifying record as Harry Kane scored in injury time to secure a 2-2 draw against Scotland at Hampden Park.

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46 thoughts on “Scotland 2-2 England (2018 World Cup Qualifier) | Official Highlights”

  1. Joe make a mistake! It's two errors in ball direct way! First shot he thought is was on the right but went on the left and turned again when the ball would strike on the left but went on the right

  2. Welcome England to Russia we will kill u here. Not Scotland , not Ireland or Wales, only englishman will killed.))

  3. I am from Russia and I am very happy because I saw this unbelievable game at home. Good game, England! Scottish footballers are very good in this game too. 🙂

  4. Probably won’t ever see two free kicks so similarly geniusly taken again , one after another , absolutely cracking stuff and very unlucky not to win the game Scotland!!!

    Just goes to show how our media hype us up to the heavens , yet it seldom does us any favors , we are definitely more than beatable and I just wish the media and various football pundits would stop trying to oversell us to the world , the French are streets ahead of of us as are many other countries in the footballing world.

    Please oh please stop overly bigging us up media , many of our players aren’t even thoroughbred English!

  5. Got to feel for Scotland, 20 years without qualification for a World Cup. There are 20 year olds in Scotland that don't know what it feels like to support their national team at the World Cup. Amazing statistic that.

  6. i know i’m the only one who is from scotland but scotland don’t really make it in to the world cup so to draw with england means a lot ok england fans

  7. all the Sweaty Bastards sick as a chip when Kane scored the Equaliser filled my English heart With Glee lol

  8. Why blame it on joe hart it was 2 well struct freekicks with curve and dip makes it soo hard for him to save it

  9. i would love it if Wales,Ireland,Scotland would get the same funding as ENGLAND.Then we would at least see one of these teams getting to the final..

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