Vending Machine Prank – Work Off Your Snack – University at Buffalo (UB)

new york prank

This talking vending machine video catches Western New York college students by surprise when the “machine” asks them to work off their snacks right then.Thank you to the UB students for being such good sports!

To promote the importance of making healthier choices, the Independent Health Foundation set up hidden cameras around a vending machine at the University at Buffalo. When someone approached the machine, it would speak to them, questioning whether they were making a wise nutritional decision. These organic, unscripted interactions were edited into this hilarious video.

This is just one of the ways Independent Health Foundation is working to improve the health of the community. Learn more at

Special thanks to everyone who helped create this unscripted vending machine video, including the unknowing participants. This video was not staged so the reactions are genuine!

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  1. Sometimes instead of paying for a unhealthy snack from a vending machine, you can Get an unhealthy snack which will cost like 20 push ups or anything like that

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