Nikon D3400 VS Canon Rebel T6


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23 thoughts on “Nikon D3400 VS Canon Rebel T6”

  1. I've made up my mind and decided to go with the d3400 with its specs and design but it's just way too much money for my first dslr. Is it worth spending that much?

  2. I want the d3400 but I love to make timelapses so it's so hard to choose if the d3400 had a timelaps setting built in I would buy that one

  3. I have a bunch of good canon lens from my uncle who used to do photography but he lost interest. But I really prefer Nikon than canon but I feel like the lens will wasted if I get the Nikon d3400 but the canon t6 is rly not for me as its low FPS in video what should I do…

  4. Hi, I have a doubt. which would be a better option if what I need is the macro function, I need it to take pictures of mouth and teeth for dental use.

  5. Which one is better for plane spotting. I found a deal with the t6 with 70-300 and 18-55 200€ cheaper than a d3400 with 18-55 55-200. Which one should I buy?

  6. I disagree that taking photos with the Canon Rebel T6 is better than the Nikon D3400. The Canon Rebel T6 has an 18 Megapixel sensor, while the Nikon D3400 has a 24 megapixel sensor.

  7. Hi, I need a suggestion. I like Nikon D3400, Nikon D5300, and the new Canon 500D. In Amazon, the Nikon D3400 comes with dual lens in Rs.38,390 while Nikon D5300 comes with same dual lens in Rs.48,090. What I feel is this package is worth of money as it could possibly save minimum Rs.8000 in later phase for buying new lens. On the other hand, canon 200D is bit expensive of Rs.42,880 with single lens only, although, it has good good features. I completely understand the technical specification of all these models. What is important for me is PICTURE QUALITY and not much on other features e.g. flipscreen, wifi, NFC, etc etc. All models comes with 24 MP and good number of AF points. One salesman in reliance digital said me that Canon is good for outdoor and indoor shoot while Nikon is good for indoor shoot only. Im really confused by so many split opinion. Please suggest me which one would be worth buying for as my budget is approximately 40,000. I dont want to repent after buying.Im not a professional photographer, but I will like to get some superior quality of pictures and as Im middleclass guy I cant keep buying new products.

  8. Hey there. Quick question for you. I love landscape stuff, and I started on a T6i. Aka 750D. Well, I stepped away from photography for a bit and im starting over fresh. I was thinking of going for the Nikon D3400, and paring it with a Sig 17-50.. 18-50..? Or a 24-70. Some of my struggles with the T6i were mainly ISO. I am just curious 1. If you think ill enjoy the D3400 over the previous T6i mentioned, or two if you have any tips for someone who is at this point a "free agent". Making my purchases soon. Thank you J!

  9. Thank u so much sir, its a very useful video for dslr users.
    I think canon 1300d it will be a good buy for a begginer.

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