Top 10 Disturbing Things Bought On The Black Market

Top 10 Disturbing Things Bought On The Black Market.
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The Black Market contains anything that can be bought with money but is totally illegal to own. Sometimes, the more illegal a product is, the higher value it becomes and there are always people willing to take the risk to make a lot of money. We hope you guys can all stomach the top 10 Disturbing Things Sold On The Black Market.

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45 thoughts on “Top 10 Disturbing Things Bought On The Black Market”

  1. Why do they call it the black market huh? Sounds racist. Shouldn't it be the " market of color? Or the African- American market" I worry about these things. Keeps me up at night just worrying about it.

  2. I enjoy most of your videos Danny, but I love listening to you talk!! lolI just find it rather calming! Plus, you get right to the point and don't repeat yourself like most!

  3. one thing I'd like to say for the plastic surgery is that one of the pictures you show is of a former Korean model but as far as I know she didn't buy anything off of the black market I think she actually injected vegetable oil into her face which is still insane and a horrible idea however I'm pretty sure it's not technically illegal lol

  4. devil's breath!? omg! in my country (philippines) it's like a normal flower, wow!!! i didnt know you can use it like that 🤔😂 and also the fake degree we have that here too 😅

  5. I bought an African slave…. he's more lazy than my teenage son.
    The prick spent all day doing car jacking… home invasions….and roberies.

  6. I live in Canada devils mist grows in every other garden in my city I can go pick it off some old lady's yard any time but don't want to. .i tried it as everyone was at one pint people were neatly dying losing three days at a time disoriented I woke up covered in blood with no Memory of what I did its brutal

  7. Actually you have every right to request to see proof of a doctors license or degree and to know where this degree was obtained. Just like when you go to a salon, their licenses must be visible to the clients. Or should a police officer stop you you have the right to ask to see a badge.

  8. I would buy people from the black market and either adopt them, put them up for adoption, or be friends with them ;-; bc I am lonely

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