Hour of Devastation Prerelease Box Opening – MTG


Hey everyone so here’s my second video of the day, Hour of Devastation is here, everybody who can will be participating in their Hour of Devastation Prereleases tonight and over teh weekend! I thought i’d share with you my Hour of Devastation box opening and hope we pull some sweet cards! There will be another video where i will build a deck out of the cards so watch out for that one too!!!

All MTG fans love a prerelease so good luck to all and i hope you pull soem great cards!!

P.S sorry bout the extra cuts in this video, my camera had a mind of it’s own tonight with the focusing !

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14 thoughts on “Hour of Devastation Prerelease Box Opening – MTG”

  1. Nice to see Samut towards the end man! I was thinking green looked solid in the pool; guess you would definitely be playing that!

  2. might look at red/green/black for the deck. can't wait for prerelease. doing 2 tomorrow and 1 on sunday.

  3. Your promo is my favorite card in this set lol. You got some pretty good pulls as well I'm excited to see what u come up with.

  4. great stuff buddy! i really enjoy your videos. im new to mtg and learning as much as i can.. thank you for your time

  5. That promo is really gonna do well in standard, 3 mana disallow and draw a card, with the ability to be a creature, yeah

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