Fix Your Deadlift : Slow Lockout part 2/2

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Learn why your deadlift might be slow at the top. I cover 3 possible reasons why your deadlift struggles at the top and 3 exercises that can help strengthen your lockout.


48 thoughts on “Fix Your Deadlift : Slow Lockout part 2/2”

  1. Doing deadlifts is so much about being in the zone, in my opinion. Being in the zone and outside of it, can differ many kilos from my max lifts. So, what is the best way to get into the zone in your opinion? For me it helps putting on some really good music at max volume and then visualizing how easily I pull the lift. Other tips? Maybe this would fit for another video…

  2. Alan, what's your opinion on Farmer Walks vs Shrugs?

    Farmer walking on oly shoes is painful, so I'd have to switch shoes mid workout.

  3. Hey Alan, i bought your basic program shortly after it came out but i seem to have lost it completely, are you able to send me another copy? i still have proof that i bought it.

  4. I've been weight training for 54 of my 65 years, and along the way have probably studied virtually everything about the sport that has ever made it into print (and these days, on to video). But I've never encountered better, clearer, more helpful and more knowledgeable instruction than what you provide. As far as I'm concerned, you have set the standard for teaching people how to train. GREAT stuff!

  5. thanks so much for this video Alan! my lock out is my biggest trouble area. was doing rack pulls to help, will incorporate these suggestions as well!

  6. I just love your video. I've gone to many gyms near home and never have learned as much.

    Though, I'm wondering if you can cover some bodyweight trainings like plank or pull-ups.
    I heard these are great for your core and back yet i cannot seem to find a good video like yours to help me master these workouts.
    It's not easy for me to follow your videos cause i'm not a native speaker but I've done and am willing to go over and over and even look into dictionaries whenever I don't understand your instruction. That's how much I value your videos.
    So if you have time, pleaz consider making videos for plank & pull-ups if you don't mind.
    Thx! & have a gooooood day.

  7. Alan i like your advice but I have one complaint, because i followed your advice I'm easily lifting more weight! 😀

  8. PLEASE; please post a video on how to increase speed from the floor to the knees! *Insert hard crying emoticon*

  9. Alan, I'm a new viewer to your channel, and I was instantly hooked on your videos. I've already watched a fair share of them, especially on deadlifting. I'm not a powerlifter by all means, but what I like about your videos is your understanding that your way isn't the only way; to take your information as a guideline and not gospel. I've dropped my deadlift weight from 315 to improve my form. Thanks for the inspiration! Love the videos!

  10. Too late. I already hurt my back yesterday (again) in the gym doing deadlifts…
    I think I'm going to give the game away. I don't want to end up with chronic back pain as I get older. Might just settle with rack pulls.

  11. man – this was great advice. I watched your other deadlift videos and my deads feel so much better now. I actually like doing them.

  12. i recently switched to sumo style deadlift and i'm wondering, can you fix your sumo deadlift with these advice?

  13. Can you do something similar for the squat please? I can deadlift over 500lbs but I seriously struggle with 225 in a back squat, I usually fall backwards on the way up from the hole. I can front squat that amount for 5 though which is weird. Any tips lads?

  14. Hey Alan. I missed a PR deadlift today. My situation today sounded exactly like your experience at the meet (that you talk about in this video). As i had been pulling everything very fast even weights up to 95% move fast, however once i went for a significant PR i just could not grind at all, i literally missed the weight 1 cm from lockout, my back was not rounded. I know you said to think about pulling sower and actually using your muscles, however do you have any specific assistance exercises to work on this problem i have? would rack pulls be worth while?

  15. Hey Alan this is a question more for squat assistance. Doing a barbell reverse lunge do I push up from my front or rear foot?

  16. I went for a PR the other day. I can do 500-525 easily, but this was 585. Felt like superman off the floor, got to mid thigh, and just hit a WALL. I was concentrating on pushing my hips forward as hard as possible, but they would not budget. I resisted the urge to hitch so after 5 seconds I just failed. I also noticed my knees were slightly bent in this position too, which was compounding the difficulty because I still have to straighten them out AND push my hips forward. I have a narrow stance. I read that maybe, a wider stance will make it easier to lockout. So I might try that in a week or so. Thoughts? I am very back strong, and my quads are a clear weakness.

  17. yess my speed of the ground is crazy but as soon as i pass my knees i get stuck !! rounded back and all trying to be fast as possible . been stuck at 500 for 2 years now and not a lbs of progress
    my squat and bench have gone up. any advice

  18. I pull 200kg relatively easily but when I put 205 on the bar, keep in mind I only weigh 77kg. Do you think "good mornings" would help?

  19. They have taught me alot in the military over the years but whenever some of my soldiers wants me to help them get stronger you videos are my source on how to get the point across, not the military training manual.

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