Blackberry KEYone Limited Edition Black Review – QWERTY Goodness!


Our full review of the Limited Edition Black variant of the Blackberry KEYone with its full fledged QWERTY Keyboard after spending over a week with it!

Where to buy the Blackberry KEYone Limited Black Edition?

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32 thoughts on “Blackberry KEYone Limited Edition Black Review – QWERTY Goodness!”

  1. Nice review….but Optiemus is in charge of distribution in India, it is manufactured by TCL.I really wanted to buy ths one since the Mercury codename days, but Im in Canada where the global silver-black version with 3 gb Ram, single sim option and 32 gb memory is available so far with a not so attractive price tag…Good to know India got a far better variant, but the price is still repulsive… Rs.40,000/- is…. damn!

  2. I love physical keyboards, I never used a BB before using a Q10 and I simply loved the experience. But unfortunately the platform met with an untimely death and the third party apps just sucked (not as bad as on WP but yeah – they did suck). But I think 40 K is too much. At 25K it might have been a good buy, but 40K? Nah. I know physical keyboards cost money, but not that much for sure! BB really needs to understand and make their partners understand that it is no longer a premium brand – at least in the smartphone world where people will simply throw away money just to flaunt it…

  3. I like the phone but it is way too expensive…it should have been around 30k. I think it would have been a hit phone

  4. Hi, wanted to know if the KEYone Black Edition uses LPDDR4 RAM and UFS? OR its the same eMMc and LPDDR3 RAM? perhaps you can check with DecCheck app…

  5. Dude great review liked you
    . Need a suggestion . Should I go with blackberry key one or one plus 5 ? It would be great help if you suggest

  6. Does the -7 model from India support WIFI calling and HD Voice? Would like to use it here in the US since the LTE bands are the same as the -1 for use on T-Mobile. Thanks

  7. The problem with these phone reviews, most of the people talking haven't seen the evolution of cellphones. They only know iPhone or Samsung. I owned a phone that came in a carry case, pager, PDA's, Blackberry, and then iPhone. Auto correct on these phones make you seems dyslexic. Most smartphones now a days sputter. Apple users are crazy to find charge plugs because their battery life sucks. The Blackberry security is strong, my battery lasts almost 2 days on one charge. Please research better because Blackberry is the truth

  8. Ash as always great work. Respectfully though at the end of your video it was slightly obvious you don’t get it. This device is about the QWERTY first and everything else 2nd. It starts with the QWERTY. While all other specs are good, of course by comparison to media focused devices from Samsung and LG they will be inferior. But it’s about the QWERTY. No one other device comes close to this stellar function. They don’t have one. Yes I know. But the KeyOne is about the QWERTY. Always. There is a small niche of users, likely over 40-45 that learned their messaging habits on a B.B. and now with this model on Android it answers most all gaps those users have been waiting for. Minority yes. The Priv was not built well enough and no where near the quality of B.B. workhorse legends like the 9900 and the like. Cheers.

  9. Dear C4ETech,

    Thank you very much for your informative posting. I have a quick question.
    Between Nokia 8 & Keyone what would you choose to go for. If you are looking for a phone thats professional with a business look.
    I appreciate your honest comment.

  10. I don't like people who try and do reviews on the new blackberries when they never used legendary original blackberry os because they don't know the history and the original build quality of a true legendary blackberry

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