Google Pixel Review: One word, amazing


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It’s finally here! The Nexus…I mean Google Pixel! It’s Google’s latest flagship. Is it the best camera on a smartphone yet? Is Android 7.1 delicious? How about that battery life? All these questions and more are answered within this review. Enjoy!
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32 thoughts on “Google Pixel Review: One word, amazing”

  1. How’s the interface when compared to iOS? I’m not loyal to Apple but notice a lag when I’m messing around with a Samsung tablet.

  2. Can you change home buttons color? Like in LG G2 ? LG G3? If the phone is white, it's not so great with black home buttons plus it's AMOLED panel so the black is black , not like space gray or something

  3. What's all the fuss about a phone anyway. At the end of the day it's just a phone. There richer we're poorer. AlI you really want to do is make a phone call or send a quick text or email. To be technical, these phones were made in the beginning with the business man on the go in mind. In air conference calls etc.. Now we wait in lines for a device that is only meant to keep in touch with someone. I to have this phone but I didn't pay 7 or 800 dollars. It was free on a trade in. No doubt Apple paved the way. However the shinny wares off and it's back to being just a phone. You can put that money on a piece of property or to go towards retirement. ✌️

  4. Is it really stock android? The new amazing features are exclusive to pixel phones. Stock android is boring and basic in comparison. You can't build a great phone with an OLED display without Samsung. They hold all the patents for OLED display technology. Google cheaped out by using LG to increase their profit margin. In one to two years time the Pixel's exclusive not so stock Android features will have been adopted by everyone else. You will be left with an overpriced phone with an inferior display and laughable build quality that bends easier than an iPhone 6 Plus. Google does great software and cheap hard. It did not work so well for Blackberry in the long-term and won't help Google either.

  5. I don't think many people will buy google phones because, there's new iPhones and everyone goes for iPhones (like me) I'm no expert at phone I just want to share my opinion xox thanks for listening ly x

  6. i have this phone and i will say 1 thing, its my first phone(im 12) and currentently as im typing this got it 2 days ago(christmas) and its NOT AT ALL the worst 1st phone to have.

  7. Google pixel is known for the camera

    And Iphone is know for making things that's look new when its not for an example

    Finger scanning, already done
    Bigger screen, already done
    Unlock your phone with your face, oh wow my LG phone can do that
    Wireless charging, hmm pretty sure that's already done

  8. I do t know why very few people like the design. I really like it and I don't mind bezels, even useless ones, if it a good chin bar for typing and my thumb doesn't need to reach uncomfortably at the bottom of the screen.

  9. TIL $770 for a 32GB Pixel XL was ever considered acceptable. Now you can find them for like $200. lmao

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