How to Make BAKED Sesame Seed Balls / Jin Deui (芝麻球 Recipe) 揚げないヘルシーゴマ団子 (レシピ)



Sesame Seed Balls (芝麻球) are a Chinese sweet treat.

Instead of deep-frying them I baked in the oven because I know my viewers like a healthier version 😉

BAKED Sesame Seed Balls

Difficulty: Very Easy
Time: 30min
Number of servings: 8 pieces

100g (3.5oz.) Mochiko (glutinous rice flour) *Shiratamako (lumpy glutinous rice flour) is OK
80ml water
1 tsp. sesame oil
120g (4.2oz.) Koshi-an (sweet Azuki red bean paste without skins)
toasted white sesame seeds

1. Place Mochiko (glutinous rice flour) in a bowl. Add water and mix very well until smooth.
2. Add sesame oil and mix well until combined.
3. Divide Koshi-an (sweet Azuki red bean paste without skins) into 8 equal pieces, then roll them into balls.
4. Divide the dough into 8 equal pieces, then roll them into balls as well. Flatten out the dough with your fingers, and wrap the Koshi-an securely.
5. Bring a large pot of water to a boil. Gently drop the dumplings in the boiling water and cook for 2 minutes. Then remove from the boiling water and transfer into cold water (to cool and remove the slimy texture).
6. Preheat the oven to 250C (482F). Lightly drain the dumplings and coat with toasted white sesame seeds. *You can eat them as-is but sesame seeds stick well if you bake.
7. Bake at 250C (482F) until crisp golden brown (for about 7 minutes). *You can bake in the toaster oven for a few minutes or deep-fry.

Just out from the oven is very good. They stay chewy and soft till the next day. You can keep in the freezer for a week. When you eat, put it out from the fridge for a few minutes until the Mochi gets soft, then bake in the oven if you like.



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36 thoughts on “How to Make BAKED Sesame Seed Balls / Jin Deui (芝麻球 Recipe) 揚げないヘルシーゴマ団子 (レシピ)”

  1. Could you make a video of how to make snowskin mooncakes with ingredients we can get in the uk I saw some with what looked like ube purele yam mousse in the middle, im just not sure what to get for the fillings in the uk

  2. Thank you so so much for posting this easy recipe ! I absolutely love jin deui! But for baking the dumplings, how long and what degree did you bake them at? Thank you very much! ^U^

  3. I love your videos! I just have two problems whenever I wanna make these recipes at home: first, the ingredients aren't easy to get for me and secondly.. I'm not very talented to let the good appear as cute as you do! But I wanna improve myself! 🙂

  4. Hey there! I have a question… koshi-an is the same thing as the anko? they seem to but, i think the anko it's made whit read beans "sweet bean paste"… but I also think there are many types of red beans hahaha, I seen the use of Anko in the dorayakis xD what do you think? Arigatōgozaimasu n.n

  5. Ong i couldnt find sesame oil anywhere… do you think its okay to just use regular oil or olive oil??? Help asap pleasee~ thanks

  6. Can't wait to make it this weekend! 😋 But I think I will cut down the recipe by half, not sure if I will mess up 😂

  7. I just tried this, I've been searching for the ultimate mochi recipe for YEARS and this is great! Thanks for the reicpe, THAAAAAANKKKKSSSSSSS <3 <3 <3

  8. In the Philippines we call it "butchi" but it's cooked by deep frying it.We also fill it with red bean paste.Glad I found this recipe.

  9. thank you thank you thank you for this easy to follow recipe with simple ingredients. I'm on a weight loss journey and have a real problem with sugary desserts * self sabotage 🙁 * but this dessert always gives me the perfect amount of savory and sweet and I'm so relieve that I can make this myself now and save me from my raging sweet tooth!! thank you thank you!!

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