How To Stand Up For Yourself | Learning To Say “NO!”

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Alpha comes from a broken home. His mom met and married a few dudes along the way, which one of which was an asshole and emotionally abusive. Alpha only wanted security and learned to just ‘take it’ to not rock the boat. His mother divorced him when Alpha went to college. The damage was done, and Alpha didn’t know how to stand up for himself until he got some therapy.

In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of , , and discusses how to say ‘no’.

We Teach People How to Treat Us

We teach people how to treat us- this notion was ground-breaking to Alpha. He realized that by not standing up for himself, he taught people how to treat him. He gives examples. We also have a hard time if we stand up for ourselves because we are scared of the repercussion(s).

In Alpha’s early 20s, he realized he had a problem standing up for himself. Going to a therapist was one of the best decisions he ever made. Unfortunately, he realized that he had to stand up for himself or else get out of those environments. Alpha got anxiety even THINKING about standing up for himself.

Decision to Leave or Stand Up for Yourself

When making a decision to stand up for yourself, you could potentially lose friends, a career, a significant other / spouse. The alternative is being eaten alive inside. When Alpha made his decision to leave, he realized he needed to change and start asserting himself.

The more you practice standing up for yourself, the easier it’s gets. Another upside is that toxic relationships go away. They were comfortable putting you down, and they will find someone else that is a push-over.

Confidence and Responsibility

Standing up for yourself boils down to developing confidence and knowing you are amazing. No one should put you down or treat you poorly. You need to realize that you have to take care of yourself and that you are responsible for your happiness & success. Life is too short to not feel good about who you are or the people you’re around. The ability to say ‘no’ is a skill you can develop. It feels amazing and you are worth it.


46 thoughts on “How To Stand Up For Yourself | Learning To Say “NO!””

  1. Well its really hard standing up for yourself because yes there's people that are scared to stand up for there selfs and there's people that are not scared to stand up for there selfs but oh yes if you cant take it anymore and if your ready to tell that person what's up go for it make yourself the bigger person don't let people walk all over thinking they can do whatever they want to you because they can't plus they can get in trouble to

  2. It´s crazy. I can relate to your story so much, about push over friends, and that they leave you when you change…

    TBH, I know your YT channel now for quite some time bc of the grooming tips and stuff. And I have to say, I thought you where the kind of bully guy.
    But NOW after I found out more about your backstory, we are more alike than I thought.
    I feel good for you, that you are finally going your own way and chase your own dreams.
    I will do the same for me from now on!

  3. Been following you for years now. You're really great–I've learned a lot from you. Thank you so much for your videos and please keep coming out with great content.

  4. Yes its so hard to say no but you are your own person and you always have the right to say no all the time like hell no or fuck no 😂👍

  5. how do I stand up for myself when somebody is somehow tricking me into believe that its all my fault.after that I just don't have anything to say even though I know I'm the one who has been abused.

  6. You know Alpha, I had something similar like this a few years ago in high school: my best friend got some new female friends that he's still friends with. At the beginning they were pretty nice to the both of us, but after a year they kinda started to push me over (blowing off my plans, ignoring me, etc.) almost at the cost of my friendship with my bro. So I decided to just ignore them too, and things have been pretty blooming since.

  7. 100% helpful! Not only that but I feel like this guy really gets it!? Like he understands..
    It's so important to stand up for ourselves! Self love ❤️ ☮️

  8. Gives no tactics or examples of situations where you should stand up for yourself. Not convinced that he's still not a push over. Thumbs down.

  9. Your great love your videos can relate i have this problem at work people pick on me because am a nice person who says yes at time even when i wanna say no but get scared so go along with it and deep down i wanna not go back to work so I then would lose my job our walk out i got bullied when younger and it has efforted my life and my choices my last job i was a carer but some people wasn't very nice to me i stound up for myself sometimes but not enough i got bad anxiety and am trying to find my inner voice of not being scared to be me as i dont wanna live in fear anymore and hold my ground not to be pushed around anymore and to finally hold a job down but love ur videos very inspiring

  10. Why just “gentlemen”? As a woman I also found this to be very helpful and informative. Im needing to find my voice, stand up for myself and assert myself in both personal and professional relations. Women and men both suffer alike from this is all I’m saying.

  11. Great video I seriously doubt anyone is worse than me in my early 20s I worked a job and was constantly getting harassed by my supervisor every time he’d come I’d go into shock I’d keep practicing that I’d confront him but it just wouldn’t come out it was fear of making a scene that held me back I constantly live in an anxious state ever since but I believe your channel can help me bring my confidence back thanks again for sharing

  12. I have a similar backstory with a verbally abusive stepdad and just taking the abuse to keep the peace. It really bled over into most of my relationships. I do believe that anyone you lose due to standing up for yourself was only in your life to use you anyway not be a true friend. It’s very hard to break out of silence but worth it and necessary.

  13. What if it’s a family member in your house? I’ve already left my job (I used to work with them) I would get treated like crap at work and at home. I haven’t talked to them at home since I left my job.
    In the past I apologized to them and they apologized back and said they were gonna try to change but not even a week went by and they were back to their old narcissistic habit. 😕 what can I do should I go to therapy? Or just wait till I move out? Your input would be nice alpha great video. I’m sorry to hear you went through that…I never would have guessed you went through that 😕

  14. You are right, its better for people to walk away out of life if they disagree with you, then to live a life of cowardness and instability

  15. I also come from an abusive environment and little time ago I figured out I had the same issue, not standing for myself. Not speaking up, because all my life I was told to shut up, from my familly.
    Thank you so much for the advices and thank you for every last word you use on your videos!

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