My Fitness Journey: From Skinny to FIT


Keep in mind that everyone’s journey and goals are different! I do not want to come off as someone who is seeking sympathy. I did not really go through any rough patches so to speak like many others. I was simply someone who wanted to become healthier mentally and physically, but experienced some trial and error 🙂 There was never anything wrong with the way I looked so please do not think that is what I mean!


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What I Eat In a Day


10 Min Intense Ab Workout

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46 thoughts on “My Fitness Journey: From Skinny to FIT”

  1. When you were saying your backstory, GURL SAME. I could relate so much and now it gives me hope, though I still love my body (even if I get bullied from it) I still don't understand. I'm only 12-13 and they were saying "You're so flat" "Go work out" I'm only 12-13!! Do you think I'm gonna work out at this age? No, maybe when I'm older, but definitely not this young

  2. My weight is only 42 kilos and I fvcking look like a bamboo 😭 my friends makes fun of me because of it. Im already 17 turning 18 in few months and i don't even have curves not like my mates whose so sexy already. Any tips for me to gain weight ? Please and also exercises to make my boobs bigger because flat sucks😂

  3. People Call me a twig and that I’m oh so skinny and I hate it so freaking much. Nearly everybody else In my grade has bigger legs than me and all I’ve ever wanted was to look like them. I stopped working out because I felt like I could’ve been making myself skinner. Ugh. help?

  4. Hey, I love your videos. I’m a freshman in college. I’m 5’1 and 91 pounds. The most difficult thing is the motivation to go to the gym and eating all the meals because sometimes i skip them because of time. Did u use some kind of protein ?

  5. My sad dream

    1:goes to park
    2:Wakes up
    3:Looks in mirror
    4:Is super skinny

    Read in order from

  6. What is the best way to gain weight? Eat more healthy foods or Workout more? Plz be specific… I really am a twig.

  7. i tried tracking my calories once. everything that im gonna eat i'll search it on google just to know how much calories i''ll take. and fuck istg that is the worst idea i've ever made its so hard. so the next day i just ate whatever i wanted to eat. i just dont care anymore pota gusto ko pumayat pero mas masarap talaga kumain :((

  8. I don’t know my body fat percentage but I’m 5’3 and 120 pounds so I’m not sure if I should start gaining muscle or loose weight first

  9. After searching for someone like me endlessly, finding you was the best thing ever! THANK YOU SO MUCH! My butt was just like yours before you started out and I can't wait to make it even better! Thank you for all your tips and tricks! I can't wait to update it all and make myself better!

  10. Steeph I need you to help me with a Nice program am 19yo I have an awful skinny body and I don't feel confident at all am 42kg and I don't have appetite at all…. Hellp

  11. Hey!! What kind of exercises should i do in gym to gain ?? I am too skinny please let me know excercises for booty and breast,shoulder

  12. So I'm 13 almost 14 and my parents always told me to never go by the scale. So I never did. I work out everyday for at least and hour because I know its healthy for me. I do cheer and gymnastics and all these physical things. I try to eat healthy but you know, sometimes I just have those days where I don't really care what I eat, and that's okay. So for like the 3rd time in my life I was just curious on how much I weighed. And I weighed 137 pounds. Crazy right? But I don't look or feel 137 pounds at all. Like I am healthy and fit and I do so much physical activity. So If you're reading this, I'm just saying. Don't pay attention to the scale and just go the distance where you think you're body looks good. Don't do what you do because of what other people think. Do it for yourself.

  13. My parents are tryna get me to gain weight and I'm trying to get healthy too. I finally decided to stop starving myself and just eating healthy. But mentally Everytime after I eat ANYTHING even if it's healthy I get really sad and mad and feel like I'm fat when I'm under weight. My parents don't know I do this because it's summer and me and my sister are home alone. I've been eating more and working out tryna get dat booty lol. Any tips? I'm really struggling but litterally no body knows except me. No friends no family nothin. Help a gurl out 😥

  14. Hey, Stephi thank you! When I gain weight it goes to all the wrong places: my lower abdomen, my waist, my arms and the past months, I got skinnier and hope to be just plump all over again like when I was a teen, but I also like where I am now (less to no baby fats on my face) just that I think I need more muscle mass bec I can see my bones. I want my body to look pleasant or my arms to look toned however not look "work out-toned". Can you help me?

  15. I am slim and I really want to get a nice body. I don't like my body much and I don't have self confidence about my self…idk how to start or what to do… I am starting 8th grade btw

  16. i m 19 y.o i m 98 pounds and 162 cm i dont eat healthy food but i eat a looot idk what what to do to get thicker ppl say i have a body goal and there s no need to get tick but idk tho '!! love ur vids btw ❤️

  17. You are LITERALLY my inspo <3 I'm about 14 and I'm what you would call really petite. My body rn is what your body looked like before your transformation and honestly seeing your transformation inspires me sooo much. I've always known that I needed to gain more muscles instead of losing, but I just didn't know how. I watched video after video but I noticed that I'd get results but then I would always plateau after a couple of weeks. Your video gives me so much more idea on what I should do and thank you so much for that 🙂 I know people will say don't listen to what others say but literally no one has ever said anything bad about my body. It's just that I'm personally not satisfied with my body and I wanna be more fit.

  18. I am 162 cm and 65 kg,, I am fat? I really adore to become skinnyy ayyy… About 55 kg but I really get tired of diets and sport " i was 76 kg in the past and removed 10 kgs in about 5 months"

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