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If you want to get six pack abs you must make sure you train them and reveal them. A good nutrition plan is going to help you to get your body fat down, but so will a conditioning workout that helps you to burn fat and calories while training your abs. In this video, I show you an ab workout that you can do to burn fat and get a six pack at the same time.

An ab workout bearing my name must be athletic in nature. This absolutely fits that bill. The first thing you will notice is that you perform all of the exercises in this six pack workout on your feet. Any attempt to train athletically will almost always have you standing rather than laying on your back. Next, you will be training one side at a time to reveal any imbalances in your core strength but to also challenge your body as it is often challenged in function.

Grabbing hold of either a kettlebell or a dumbbell, start by getting into a split stance with one leg in front of the other. From here, swing the kettlebell behind your body as you resist the temptation to over rotate (which is caused by the momentum of the bell). From here, contract your core and obtain control of the kettlebell and reverse the direction of its path. You want to now drive the bell in the opposite direction using the strength of your abs.

Once again, you are going to control the ascent of the kettlebell this time by contracting the core and preventing it from lifting too high or far. Advanced level trainees will perform this exercise for 25 reps on each side before moving onto the next portion of this workout, the kettlebell swings. Intermediate and beginner ab workout users will perform 15 and 10 reps respectively to each side.

The swing is the next exercise up in this ab workout circuit. This one is a great exercise for helping you to burn calories and get your heart rate up. By the time this workout is over you will have performed upwards of 250 swings, so you will have had a great impact on your ability to burn fat and get that six pack to show.

Advanced trainees will perform 50 swings while intermediate will do 30 and beginners will do 20.

Return to performing the single sided swings for each side of your core, hitting your abs and obliques hard. This time when you move the bell to the middle, you will perform goblet squats in place of the swings. Once again, when done at a brisk steady pace you will elicit a conditioning benefit and burn more ab revealing fat.

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37 thoughts on “Burn Fat and Get a Six Pack (ONE WORKOUT!)”

  1. thank you so much this helps me Alot im an average person never had a six pack doing this for 3 months straight gave me my dream abs thanks

  2. I started doing this workout on a daily basis and the only muscle I feel it targets (where I feel the burn most) is on my lower back. Is this good or bad?

  3. I live in Bangladesh. We eat rice 3 times a day.. like 300grams or more.. My question is Does rice is bad for my body When I'm wanting to loose my body wet.. I'm 21 years old & I'm 130 Kgs over wet I think…plz Replay Boss

  4. I m 16 Yes I m a kid so what I m 61 kgs u may think t am I watching this video ur only 61 ah fuck that its coz if my boobs I can't wear any Tshirt I m scared coz I have to cover my boobs thts y I decided to do this

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  8. I've done the intermediate level this week (I did an even 25 reps per exercise) and mixed it up a bit. I got the squats out of the way first, and the Russian swing fourth before the next two lots of side swings. And I've got to say it's been an excellent core training routine; that also works the traps and forearms, as well as the thighs, and potentially the chest if you squeeze the kettlebell as hard as possible when doing the squats. It's improved my posture, and corrected a slight back problem I was having. My only gripe is that when I crank it up to advanced in the next couple of weeks; then it'll take 45 minutes or more. That's a bit long for a HIIT session for me; a guy in his mid-forties.

  9. Hey Jeff can you do a video on the kettle bell exercises specifically the swing, im scared of hurting my back is there anything i should know

  10. So that squat in the second set, is that more towards targeting your legs? Im kind of a beginner, I used to only do bicep curls and hammer curls… I know. Im crazy lol but I want to start working everything else. I love your videos and I subbed!

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