PHP Tutorial Introduction – Learn PHP Programming

PHP Tutorial introduces you to a lot of basic PHP syntax and many programming concepts. Learn PHP easily by following examples in the video.

Learn PHP Programming from this introduction to PHP tutorial in which we cover Variables, Constants, Data Types, Concatenate, Operators, Numeric Arrays, Associative Arrays, Multi Dimensional Arrays, Functions, Loops, Conditional Statements, Classes and Objects. This is one of the best PHP online courses for beginners as well as a great review for advanced PHP programmers. You will learn the most about PHP from this introduction video PHP tutorial which will give you a great foundation for learning more advanced concepts in the future. Basic programming lingo like expressions, statements and language constructs are also covered so that you learn how to “speak programming” from the beginning.

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Download this video’s files from the link below:

Here is a full breakdown of what’s included in this video’s Patreon download/unlock:

Cheat sheets:
Arithmetic Operators
Array Operators
Assignment Operators
Comparison Operators
Conditional Exprssion
Data Types
Foreach Loop
For Loop
If Statement
Increment/Decrement Operators
Logical Operators
String Operators
Switch Statement
Ternary Logic Operator
While / Do While Loop

Custom NetBeans Themes:
Dark Effect
You are in army now

Visual Aids:
Associative Array
Multi Dimensional Array
Numeric Array
Numeric Array Integers

PHP Vocabulary and Full source code from the video
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  1. This code for upload image to server is not working pls help i copied that from your website

    <form action="uploads.php" method="POST" enctype="multipart/form-data">
    <input type="file" name="file">
    <button type="submit" name="submit">Upload




    $file = $_FILES['file'];

    $fileName = $_FILES['file']['name'];
    $fileTmpName = $_FILES['file']['tmp_name'];
    $fileSize = $_FILES['file']['size'];
    $fileError = $_FILES['file']['error'];
    $fileType = $_FILES['file']['type'];

    $fileExt = explode('.',$fileName);
    $fileActualExt = strtolower(end($fileExt));

    $allowed = array('jpg','jpeg','png','pdf');


    if($fileError === 0)

    if($fileSize < 10000000)

    $fileNameNew = uniqid('',true).".".$fileActualExt;

    $fileDestination = 'uploads/'.$fileNameNew;




    echo "Your File Is To Big";


    echo "There Was An Error While Uploading the files


    echo "You Cannot Upload Files Of This Type";


  2. Thank you so much for providing these great tutorials, and your theme is the best one I ever find, I will use it in my sublime.

  3. Thank you for all of your hard work Clever Techie, this is an amazing video! The code, the narration, the beautiful graphics. You can do it all! I've always been afraid to start PHP, but this really makes me feel like I can learn. Can't wait for the next video 😀

  4. damn youre genius, just combine one thing i love (game) and another one i hate (programming) and violaaaaa "brain freeze" :)))

  5. Thank you for the tutorial. Also, thank you for not editing out the few simple mistakes you made, it's encouraging to know that people who are really solid with these languages make errors as well.

  6. short package of php easy to understand and very useful topic in this lecture …thanks for making bro …keep in touch

  7. Nice videos…
    you should also try to create a tutorial in which a webpage can be desinged without xamp…. Also with PHP… With the use of Webhosting…
    And also teach us how to Create a Credit Card login Request just like paypal credit card Requirement

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