GoPro Hero 5 Black – My Preferred Settings for Best Video Capture!

gopro hero 5

In this video we go over my preferred video settings with the GoPro Hero 5 Black in order to capture the best video possible!!

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28 thoughts on “GoPro Hero 5 Black – My Preferred Settings for Best Video Capture!”

  1. do you have your Hero 5 just turn off when ever it wants….(even when the preferences are set for NEVER!)

    Love Super wide! Don't understand why people think the fish eye is so bad. I bought the Hero 5 for voice recognition, love it.

  2. I like most of your videos and you generally give good advice, but in this one you advise setting the GoPro camera to 60 frames per second (NTSC standard). This is not good advice for the following reasons: Firstly, footage from it will not integrate with standard PAL video, without movements looking jerky (generally every 5th frame has to be repeated). Secondly, when in countries that use 50Hz mains frequency (PAL regions) your footage will flicker under artificial lights. A frame rate of 60Hz is fine for non-PAL regions such as the USA, Burma, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan and the Philippines. Most of the rest of the planet uses 50Hz and the PAL system.

  3. Thanks Ifti another great review and tips..this will come in handy when I get my GoPro Hero 5 next month,I am planning on using my Hero 5 and Hero 4 Silver while I am out fishing and running the boat up and down the Lake.I do how ever have a question regarding the FOV would you say I be better using the wide angle vs the Linear mode to get the whole view of the whole Lake while I am moving up and down the Lake? By the way since you made this video on what preferred settings you use on the Hero 5 do you have any preferred settings for the Hero 4 Silver?

  4. I found for video Capture on the Gopro Hero 5 session standard settings are fine 30fp , but I use LVC Media player to capture video.

  5. in mine, i have 2.7k selected but fastest frame rate i can choose is 50, not 60 that you show here. Why is that? mine i updated to version 2.0, first update out of the box.

  6. thats what I have shot in as well! Its such a smart camera that I feel if i change settings too much, I end up with worse footage.

  7. why does it transfer the videos in sections to the comp i recorded a baseball game and i wanted to be a continuous video

  8. iftibashir… Can you help?

    Hiya, I wonder if you could advise me please. I am a metal detectorist and I video my metal detecting finds to create videos and post on YouTube.

    I use a chest mounted GoPro Hero 5 black. I've tried various settings on the GoPro but I am finding no matter what settings I record at the posted video always looks blocky and pixelated in places.

    I know YouTube convert/degraded uploaded videos but some video made by others on YouTube seem very clear.
    What am I doing wrong?

    I use Windows Movie Maker as my editing suite and am wondering if this is the problem as it's a freebie. I only use it because I find it very easy to create videos with and getting another editing suite might take me ages to learn.

    I think the best video quality I've managed as a view-able end result on YouTube was recorded at 1080p @ 30fps (linear) but it still isn't as good as I would expect.

    Here is an example of that quality and some of the scenes with grass involved can get very blocky.

    Any tips/thoughts would be welcomed.

  9. hi im surprise how can it bee with your hero5 you have frames per sec 24 30 48 60 80…… but i have 24 25 48 50 80….. how can it bee ?????

  10. Can you tell me the capacity of the microSD card used on this Gopro ? for an 8hr video it must be more than 128gb!

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