Baked Pakora No Oil Recipe – Indian Food

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Baked Pakora Recipe:

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36 thoughts on “Baked Pakora No Oil Recipe – Indian Food”

  1. Will what is that beautifully sounding music as I am not a music person. This is big to me. I hate to bother busy people, but I would like to have music on hand for listening for relaxation. I keep listening to music on your pakora vidio.

  2. Another great recipe, thanks. I'm enjoying watching yours and Bonnie's videos for more recipe inspiration. I doubt my husband will ever eat this way, I think it's great you both follow this lifestyle together 🙂

  3. can I prepare the pakora in microwave as well??? if yes plss mention me the mode and temperature ..plss do reply

  4. Being Indian I am learning Indian baked dishes from an NRI. Such a beautiful bonding between two completely different culture. Thanks for your video. Very helpful.. Love from India.

  5. Glad to see non-Indians try a hand at preparing Indian dishes👏👏if interested in authentic easy to make Indian dishes, pls try these channels: 'Mia kitchen' and 'Veena's curry world'.. you will not be disappointed, I promise 🙂 gud luc👍 happy cooking!

  6. I love pakoras! I had no idea they could be made without them being fried in oil! Thank you for the helpful step-by-step video!

  7. Awesome blossom ! Have you tried sprinkling some “ chaat masala” just before serving the pakoras ? Takes it to a whole new level . Thank you for your creative recipe , loved it

  8. I am a beginner. I have been using microwave oven. Can you kindly tell which mode to use toast or grill or bake mode for otg oven for this recipe.

  9. Is this spicy? I can't handle spicy. I've had cumin before so I know that's alright.
    Thanks for sharing.

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