GoPro Awards: Sinking a Mexican Navy Warship

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A former Mexican Navy warship is sunk off the coast of Rosarito, Mexico to create the first artificial reef in Baja California.

Captured and submitted by GoPro Awards recipient, JP Ussel.

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47 thoughts on “GoPro Awards: Sinking a Mexican Navy Warship”

  1. 1:46 (when you think you put the disposer for toilet water out the ship but when you flushed it again this happend)

  2. What the hell Idk Mexico had a navy!! They could've sold it to the cartels to smuggle better quality drugs into America!! Wtf who would've thought such dumb people!! Think about it they usually only use the boat once anyway they could've seized it with a big shipment of money or drugs (cash money eather way) and doubled there profit!!!

  3. Stop bragging , a battleship , noooo. Just a frigate or something near . Mexico with all its land and coastline can barely build anything larger .

  4. ………. It never ceases to amaze me: witnessing American ignorance to this extreme. 🙄
    *Happens more often than you would like to think*

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