How To Deadlift: Fixing Your Set-up (Deadlift Series part 1)

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30 thoughts on “How To Deadlift: Fixing Your Set-up (Deadlift Series part 1)”

  1. This is totally how I remember hats being worn in Maryland. If it weren't for the flag, I would have known immediately from the hat.

  2. 6:45 helped me tremendously! i think i went from 80 – 85 kgs 1RM's to 100 kg 1 RM when i got this down! i just felt so much stronger and more steady. thanks Brian!

  3. I'll be trying a different foot placement next time I dead, I've been going somewhere around hip to just inside shoulders, and putting my hands under my shoulders. Awesome content as always!

  4. Great guide bro! If my shoulder/scapula is in front of the barbell is my foot position incorrect or should I simply lean back to make it perpendicular

  5. Awesome content you are delivering, + you get extra point for the Icelandic flag, makes an Icelander proud 😁
    Keep up the good work 💪

  6. Yeah, slack free the way to go….unless you wanna hear a bicep lol. Weird right? Happens more often than it should.

  7. Interesting cue on checking the 'triangle' gap when engaging the lats. Think I've been guilty of twisting my hands into place so the elbows tuck in, but not really pulling back to engage the lats. Let's see if there's a new PB next week 👀 been stuck at 465lbs forever!

  8. Why am I barely seeing your videos…. that was very basic and awesome pointers! Just getting into heavy lifting and this videos helps a lot! Thanks Brian! 💪🏽

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