How to Teach Your Puppy to Stay | Puppy Care

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This is Darwin, and we’re going to teach Darwin how to stay. All right, now teaching stay is an impulse control exercise for a dog, and impulse control to a puppy is not necessarily in his wheelhouse just yet, but we’re going to teach him.

So first things first, Darwin already knows how to sit, so I’m going to ask him to sit. He’s automatically going into a lie down, because the floor is a little slippery, and he’s a little fuzzy, so we’ll take that also. I’m going to ask him to stay with a hand command like a stop sign. Darwin, stay. And I’m going to reward him right there. So just a few seconds of me standing right in front asking him to stay, we need to first explain to him stay means don’t do anything, which is a little weird, doesn’t necessarily make sense to a dog right away. So teaching him that stay means do nothing, let’s see if he can sit. Can you sit? Sit, oh, good boy. Stay, good boy. Yes, okay, so I’m telling him he’s a good boy while he’s doing it, and I’m staying really calm.

When you’re teaching a dog something like come you want to be super enthusiastic, when you’re teaching a dog to stay, it’s okay to be a little bit mellow. Come, sit, yes, stay, good boy. So now I may take a step or two back, stay, good boy, yes. So I’ll try it again, a little more distance, Darwin, stay, good boy, yes, all right. So over time you add distance, and you add time, and you add distraction, okay? So if you’re asking your dog to do a sixth day in a dog park, you can forget it. However, if you’re asking him in the kitchen, he’s going to have a pretty easy time of it, okay? So that’s a quick wrap up of how you teach your dog to stay.


26 thoughts on “How to Teach Your Puppy to Stay | Puppy Care”

  1. Pretty obvious this dog already understands stay. How about showing us what to do when a puppy has never heard stay, is learning for the first time and does not want to stay.

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  3. this did not work at all. sorry, but i think my dog is dumber then yours and yours must have already known.

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  5. this is like teaching Einstein how to do basic math (the dog is already well trained) obviously.

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  7. my dog keeps doing "high five" or "spin" whenever i hold a "stop sign" and say stay 🙁 idk what to do

  8. I have two dogs and they always stay together however one of the dogs are trained and I'm doing the other dog but when I get treats out she follows him and I can't teach him with her around because I feel like it's a distraction and she wants the treats to

  9. iv been trying your videos but my 7week old Maltese mix puppy dont listen still keeps bitimg and chewing bad only potty trained thats it

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