GoPro: Meet Fusion and Relive Reality


Seamless VR stitching. Amazing gimbal-like stabilization. OverCapture for transforming your best spherical clips into traditional videos. Relive reality, and see what makes Fusion the most versatile GoPro ever. #GoPro #GoProFusion

Shot 100% on GoPro –

Mounts used in this video –

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21 thoughts on “GoPro: Meet Fusion and Relive Reality”

  1. I will never ever trust this guy or his company , when Hero 5 came out I had problems with it specially very bad audio and customer service waisted my time . Biggest mistake I’ve done is I spend Thousands of Dollars bought every accessory our t there available including the Karma and used it three times as I got frustrated and lost all my money that I saved for years as I am a 69 years old retired and got screwed SO HOW CAN I TRUST GOPRO and all the BS of Nick Woodman he should call himself Nick Crookman cause he talks big . Go to Ebay and watch hundreds of used Fusion cameras by GoPro used for sale , that tells you not to buy it something doesn’t work right plus people lost trust . As I watched here the guy that says Nick you are tiered and explains it all I agree with him other wise it’s too late to sell this company and it will go bankrupt as I see it going . Fusion came as $699.99 now $599.99 next month another $100 and so on .I RECOMMEND YOU D A BIG SEARCH BEFORE YOU BUY ANYTHING BY GOPRO . THEY ARE A CROOKED COMPANY NOW I AM STUCK WITH OVER 3.5 K that can’t sell for 1k if I am lucky with all brand new accessories that was never used . I just pray every day to see them out of business as I am so much hurting .

  2. I was just wondering why your video shows off set cameras as you say for optimal stitching but the camera itself directly from gopro both lenses are op the top of the camera?

  3. I have been using GoPro since beginning 2008… and I can say they are truly making history with each model. And as a filmmaker>>>    I choose GoPro quality over the competition because of the image quality. Hero6 is the best camera of GoPro by far. Congratulations Gopro. Now I can't wait to out my hand on Fusion 🙂 It should be Epic.

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