Photoshop Tutorial How To Change Background

An in-depth complete walkthrough Photoshop tutorial showing you how to change the background in an image. Image credits:

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  1. Nice explanation very simple and easy to understand, unlike other tutorials which are so complex and hard to understand. Subscribed Keep uploading more tutorials about PS

  2. Man, I have been extremely pleased yo u displayed thi s video on shading the night sky. I adhered to your trusty guidance and a s a consequence was able to get extremely ne ar how I d esire d. I filled out it for four working hours so it was incredible ! But bear in mind I uncovered this m ind-boggling glitch that I couldn't resolve. I additionally experienced reinstalling the progr ams and nothing at all. I wound up locating a new version of the application at youtube comwatch?v=ToJB6JOXS5U , and managed to work past the sna g! Could be the install f ile I received was corrupted. I really do not kn ow how to check that? Regardless, as a consequence of your video recording, I'm conseque ntly near to getting this altering down, that i t'll seem like it truly is po uring whenever I'm completed! Who wants a university program for photoshop, when we could fi nd your trusty old v ideo materials to educate these guys, free of cost on y outube! Thanks for a second time OP! I will post my final results once i assume I've got the ra iny enhanci ng effect down pat! Wei Dang, loggi ng out.

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