Learning the Tools 4: The Slip & Slide Tools

In this Premiere Pro tutorial, Andrew Devis demonstrates how the slip and slide tools work, and gives a quick hint on how to remember which is which!


40 thoughts on “Learning the Tools 4: The Slip & Slide Tools”

  1. Could you please explain how I can move frame-by-frame?  Moving with the mouse is not an option and am unable to find any keys with which I can do so.

  2. 0:35 where slip and slide tools are, shortcuts
    1:20 demonstration of how slip and slide tools work
    4:53 example of how to use the slip tool
    6:16 example of how to use slide tool
    7:20 another example of using the slip tool
    7:54 recap

    Thanks for making this video, it's super helpful!

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