How to talk about sports in English


Do you like sports? Do you know the difference between playing “Call of Duty” and training in sports? With just a little study and practice you’ll be able to play with the pros…or at least talk about it.


33 thoughts on “How to talk about sports in English”

  1. Teacher James I enjoy so much watching your videos, they help me a lot! Also you are so funny and handsome. Thank you!

  2. hola JAMES my name is mariae and I will be on Toronto on October 4 and it would like to have the opportunty to meet you. It could be possible? please let me know. thanks for your classes.

  3. I am from Bogota, Colombia I will be there for 20 days and I do know anybody in your country. thank you

  4. Very funny and usefull lesson. thank you James. I LAUGHED many times with your jokes, specially when you said yes i still say it ( 8:35 ), because i was thinking that….. Really i enjoyed your lesson you are FUNNY …….

  5. a real artist! funny, artistic presentation and really well-structured information

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