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Tsukemen is cold ramen noodles served together with a hot dipping broth containing plenty of ingredients. Tsukemen has become much popular in Japan these days. The tangy soup is very rich and tasty.

How to Make Tsukemen

(serves 2)
2 bags of Fresh Ramen or Tsukemen Noodles
100 g Pork Belly Slices (3.53 oz)
400 ml Chinese-style Chicken Stock (1.69 cups)
(400 ml water + ½ tbsp chicken stock powder)
2 tbsp Sake
A medium to large clove of Garlic
A piece of Ginger root about two to three inches long

1 tsp Dried Red Chili Pepper that has been sliced ​​into rings
3 tbsp Soy Sauce
1 Naganegi – Long Green Onion
40 g Shiitake Mushrooms (1.41 oz)
40 g Shimeji Mushrooms (1.41 oz)
½ tsp Sesame Oil
1 tsp Vinegar

1 Soft Boiled Egg
Chopped Spring Onion Leaves
Katsuobushi Shavings – also known as Bonito Flakes
Grated Garlic

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We will make popular noodles that will put cold ramen on hot hot juice. It was delicious with spicy spices.

How to make Tsukemen

<Material> 2 servings
Chinese raw noodles (thick noodles): 2 balls
Pork belly (sliced): 100 g
Chicken soup (Chinese style): 400 ml
(Melt 1/2 of chicken glasspea)
Liquor: Large 2
Garlic: 1 spoon
Ginger: 1 clip (big thumb)
Red pepper (slice cut): Small 1
Soy sauce: large 3
One onion: 1
Shiitake mushroom: 40 g
Shimeji: 40 g
Sesame oil: small ½
Vinegar: Small 1

Mature egg: 1 piece
Green onions (small cut): 8 pieces
Grinding chop: a little
Grated garlic: As you like

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45 thoughts on “How to Make Tsukemen (Dipping Ramen Noodles Recipe) | Cooking with Dog”

  1. I've only had one kind of tsukemen and the broth looked thicker but lighter colored than this one and it was so delicious and fatty. Does anyone have any ideas how to alter the recipe to make it like that?

  2. すみません。このスープとタレはダメっす

  3. 美味しそうだけど、つけ麺のつけ汁って感じはしないな

  4. Does anyone have any recommended substitutions for the meat? I really want to make this for my family, but my husband is Jewish and cannot eat pork :/

  5. God I'm stupid sometimes, I have watched many cooking with dog recipes and ive only just realised the point of this channel is the dogs the narrator!!

  6. You can freeze mushrooms!? I did not know this. It is rare for me to find certain types of mushrooms where I live. I am going to start freezing them so that I have them when I want them. Thank you so much for the tip!

  7. i remember that naruto episode when he went to ichiraku to eat ramen but turned out it has changed into a tsukemen only place lol :"D he dumped the noodles into the broth and ate it like ramen tho

  8. about 3 years ago i watched this video and made this meal. I still re watch it now and i love these videos. I miss you Fransis! RIP beautiful doggo.

  9. Seriously, I don't think that I can even MAKE that dish! I hope it's available if different Japanese type restaurants in the U. S. though. I'd like that.

  10. Ichirakuramen recipe. I wonder who would cook it better her or the old man in ichiraku ramen shop. That dude is so Op i wouldn't be surprised if he had a rinnegan

  11. Hmmm… does it have to be chicken stock powder? Why not using real chicken broth? I’m asking because I’m very allergic to MSG😩

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