HOW TO GET A SIXPACK ROUTINE (Beginners)! – Bar Brothers Netherlands


This week a beginner sixpack routine!
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31 thoughts on “HOW TO GET A SIXPACK ROUTINE (Beginners)! – Bar Brothers Netherlands”

  1. Would it be alright to workout with weights 5 times a week and do these workouts on the off days and get good somewhat healthy results? i eat very healthy and i am active.. I am 205 lbs and 6'2!

  2. Elke keer waneer ik crunches probeer krijg ik erge last van men onder rug weet iemand daar een oplossing voor?

  3. when I squeeze on every reps. it hurts like hell! I never know you need to squeeze on plank,thank you man!

  4. Outstanding, I like it. Thanks for pointing out and reminding us to squeeze at the crucial moment.

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